Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wire Wrapped Clasps with Pearl

wire wrapped clasp with pearlBeen a while since I made pipa clasps. The last time were in May 2008 (Kissing Pipas) and April 2008 (Four-in-One). More than a year ago. Wow! How time flies...
Made these two yesterday..commission piece.
Got problem starting making them though as its been a while, but turned out ok :)

Love this clasp very much!


  1. What a nice clasp Mei...I like the look of these kinds of clasps but I've never used them before...do they work well? I've wondered if they unhook themselves. Most of my customers don't want a toggle as they are afraid it will come undone so I often use boring lobster claws!

  2. Hi Heather! So far so good. Have not receive complaint on this type of clasp before. It will not unhook as long as you make sure its not "open". I like to make my own clasps as they will make the pieces look more handmade :)


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