Sunday, November 15, 2009

Identical Twins | Brooch

If you do notice, I changed my blog layout again. Maybe its old age or something, I found that the older layout as too cluttered and very "painful" for the eyes. So, I spent the last few days looking for a minimalist, simple, white, 3 columns blog templates. Looked here, looked there, tested here and tested there, in the end I went back to Theirs are still the best especially for people like me, not very computer/or technically savvy when it comes to html/css coding, etc. Of course there were few others that I really like especially those with tabs for the sidebars (hint! hint! to Ourblogtemplates ;) - this will be perfect) as this really save a lot of space but there are always something else lacking such as slow to upload, can't change the colors without coding, etc.
Ok! enough about blog templates and here's pictures of my identical twins.

two identical wire wrapped brooch

 two identical wire wrapped brooch
Psst! not bragging but I am very happy with the pictures taken with my Canon G11. These two pictures were taken outdoor, not edited except for reducing their file sizes.


  1. I like the broaches Mei...lovely!!
    Yes I did notice your blog was different...I like it very much...clean looking!
    I too would like to change my blogger template but haven't taken the time to really look.

    Great photos...nice and clear!

  2. Wow Mei, I haven't been here in ages, but you definitely have grown immensely as an artist the last few year, way to go. Love this brooch!

  3. Thanks Heather, thanks Katrina and thanks Marika.

    Been a while Marika, you have been quite for a while.Not creating anymore?
    Happy to hear from you anyway.


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