Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Visitors to the Garden this Evening

After yesterday, I got some time to clear the book shelve in the room and discovered that I have more than 10 books in there collecting dust. These books have been collecting dust since I bought them, some from few years back. I don't even remember I have them...duh!
Looks like I have to allocate some time for them. First task is to wipe off the dust and its done. Secondly to find the time to read them...that is the difficult part.....
And hey, look who visited the garden this evening?
two wire wrapped butterfly in the garden


  1. Oh Mei, I loooooove the butterflies!!! How gorgeous they look! Nice work, especially how you get the spirals look so even each time. Wonderful. :-))


  2. Your butterflies are beautiful Mei...and they look wonderful in your garden!!!

    May I ask...what kind of plant is that?

    Like you I'm taking sometime to clean my studio...it was messy and dusty... :0)
    Take some time to enjoy your books Mei...you work too hard!!!

  3. Thank you Wezz.
    Thank you Heather. The plant is a Chinese Juniper. Will find some time to read the books but as always I'd get distracted again...lol


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