Monday, November 23, 2009

Was Here and Now Gone - Sales Ended and I Learned Something

The sales at my Etsy Shop ended few minutes ago.
It's been a great sales but a bit tiring as I don't want to keep you all waiting so I was never far from the computer...LOL. Glad it was during the weekend. Shall keep this in mind for the next sales.

One thing I noticed during this period is that the low cost tutorials seems to be doing better than the normal tutorial even though they are not on sales.
It cannot be because they are cheaper because some of the normal tutorials are cheaper than the low cost tutorials during this sales period.

So, why is it like that?
Is it because people prefer simple and easy designs? Designs that don't take lots of time, lots of materials or tools, etc.

Enlighten me if you are one who prefers the low cost tutorials.
Does this means I should create more low cost tutorials? :)

Thank you all for it was a great and fun sales.

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  1. For me price isn't the deciding factor Mei...I choose the tutorial that looks less wire wrapping skills are progressing order to become more capable I choose tutorials that I feel I can accomplish nicely with out frustrating myself!!!


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