Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Way Behind and my Plans

Right now, I am way behind on a lot of things that I have been planning to do in early 2010. I am well behind in finishing several commissioned pieces. I am lucky so far, as my clients have been very understanding and flexible. Thank you for that.

I have wanted to create a free tutorial for a while, but looks like it will not happen yet.
Now, I am thinking and planning for a giveaway instead. That will be the next best thing, right?
I have been planning to change the logo of my shop since last year but still haven’t gotten around to it.
I have planned to create my own banner and still have not gotten to it.
One of my friends has been asking me to print my own brochure so that he can market my creations but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
I have planned to design and print my own business cards but right now the idea is still floating inside my head.

Well, that is the problem with a full time working mom with a hobby like this.
Right now, how I wish if printing company like PsPrint is nearby. Why? Because they provide online printing services that let you create and customize your own business cards, brochures, catalog, postcards, posters, stickers and many more in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to be a professional or hire a professional designer as their free online design tool, Design It! will help you create a professional looking card, etc.
Hmmm….if they ship to this part of the world (at the moment they only ship to Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada), I would have tried out 50 business cards for a start - now only for a fee of $11.93.

They say internet makes the world small; ordering is accomplished with a click of a button. However, I will have to find my own ways with my logo, business card, banners and brochures for now.


  1. I hear you Mei...I'm way behind in many things right now as well, I don't even feel like designing at the moment...I just can't seem to settle down for some reason!!!

    You know...there is a company that I've used for business cards, etc. on occasion that has offices world wide...they work the way you were talking about...you can upload your own design or use one of theirs...
    Check them out...www.vistaprint.ca then scroll down to the very bottom and you will see 21 different links...might be something to look at.
    Things will get better... :0)

  2. Oh, really so many things to do, but don't worry, things should be done one by one, so there's not miss happens.

    Good luck, full time working mum.


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