Sunday, February 07, 2010

Lord of the Rings - Adjustable

Hi Giveaway winners, have you started your Sparkly Crystal Ring project?
Care to share some pictures of your first sparkly? :) Just hoping

Anyway, I am back to 'work' today, finishing this ring here and also waxed the car. Part of the Chinese New Year spring cleaning.
Simple and adjustable wire wrapped ring with Japanese seed beads (blue)
Simple and adjustable wire wrapped ring with Japanese seed beads.
The new owner stopped by to pick it up this evening and she is loving it too.
She is calling it "My Lord of the Rings" :)
Planning to make one with gemstones but need to find really tiny stone measuring about 3mm.

Do you know that it cost $160 to get our car wash and wax here in Kuching.
I am referring to a normal car wash center...not those expensive looking center.
We were told the price will increase this Thursday as it draws nearer to the big day. Duh!
I dunno if that is the normal price for waxing as I have never done it so $160 is waaaaaay too expensive for me.
I'd rather use that amount of money on other things like gemstones and wires :) :)! 
So, as with previous years, we DIY. 
With hubby and another helper, it took us only about an hour to wax my little car.
And I am happy that I saved $160 for gems and wires...hehehe!
I hope you have a great weekends too!


  1. $160!!! for a regular wash and wax?? I go through the car wash for about $10 !!
    how much is a 20 ounce bottle of water? here...about .70 cents to about $2, depending on brand. (it's WATER...for goodness sake :D) lol

    yes, i'd rather have wire and gemstones, too! it's a beautiful ring....


  2. Here's close to RM200 Mei..
    Happy New Year to you!!!



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