Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rewired Necklace, Braided Ring, Lala Clams

Today is for relaxing.
Just taking my own sweet time and not worrying about the long list of "todo"
Went out for lunch with the family then off to Bako - as usual in search of fresh fish and seafood.
Got some little fish and lala clams for dinner tonight. Yummy!

Here's what I completed today.
Re-wiring of this Chinese bead necklace.
Added the two Labradorite (on top of the brown stones) for its "labradorescence".
Hope the wearer will benefits from the Labrodorite - strength, clarity, perseverance and integration.
Re-wiring of this Chinese bead necklace
Pretty heavy and plus size.
Braided ring with blue stone
This braided ring is an experimental piece....again!
Not so successful as the wire, 23ga is too thin for this design.
Can't do much as the size of the hole does not allow bigger wire :(
Will look for alternatives.
Have a great remaining weekend.


  1. Gorgeous necklace it...we don't often see this side of you!

    I like the new ring design, so you!!!
    Very happy to hear you got your photos must be very happy!

    I always miss a great deal when I'm away, then have to catch up... :0)

  2. Hi Heather! I am beginning to miss your visit and comments already :)
    Hahaha...I guess this type of wire wrapping is not complicated...kind of monotonous..but relaxing nevertheless...
    Yes I am very happy that i got the photos back but haven't got the time to work on it usual...:)


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