Saturday, March 20, 2010

TAW Bracelet Tutorial and Deliciously Flowing

TAW (Twice Around the World) Wire Wrapped Braceletmy Sixth sense whispered to me that I should start doing the tutorial for TAW (Twice Around the World) Wire Wrapped Bracelet.
If you feel like laughing at me :D ;D, go ahead and laugh all you want but I listen to my sixth sense all the time :)
I think you do too :)
Don't you? Don't you?...LOL....LOL
Will start working on it tonight.
Meanwhile, here is another deliciously wrapped
piece/s for your viewing pleasure :)
When was the last time I made something for myself?
Can't remember exactly but this one is for me :P
Mixed gemstones long necklaces
Why I love them so much?
* There are 5 individual necklaces here.
* No clasp! Yay! Slip on just like slip on slippers
   and I am ready to go.
* Easy and no fuss and suitable for any occasion.
* As there are 5 of them, I can choose to wear
   just 1, 2, or 3, or 4 or all 5 at once.
* The are very light weight. The chain are really tiny!
   If you look closely, the smallest wire loop that I made are
   still like 3 times bigger the the chain link.
* The stones, they are mixture of all my favorite gems,
   pearls and crystals - tourmaline, peridot, garnet,
   agate, pearls, moonstone, amethyst, fluorite,
   rutilated quartz, citrine, aquamarine, prehnite,
   cherry quartz, Swarovski crystals, etc.
***Have a wonderful weekend!
Mixed gemstones long necklaces


  1. LOL...yes Mei I do listen to my sixth sense.

    I look forward to the TWA Wire Wrapped Bracelet tutorial...

    Funny isn't it how we never seem to take the time to make something just for us...I have a few pieces but I didn't make them specifically for me...
    I like your personal style Mei...your five necklace set is something I would wear as well...with out clasps is even better!!!

    Enjoy the weekend...

  2. LOL...I know lots of women do :)
    I will definitely wear this necklace set very often...

  3. I have a few pieces where I knew while working on them, that they will stay with me. The 5-necklace set is great! Beautiful gems.

  4. I love your collection. Nice color combination. Keep Sharing .....


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