Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is the One - Twice Around the World (TWA) Bracelet with 3-color Tiger Eye

Well! I am slowly getting over the lost of the tutorial pictures last Sunday.
If you are wondering what this is all about, check it out here.
Checked with my friend this morning but it doesn't look promising.
He will try another way later.
Hoping for the best!!!!!
Anyway, all is not lost as I still have the bracelet and...
I can redo and retake the pictures again.
Just need to find/make some time, thats all.
Comforting myself here...:)
Anyway, here it is!
Zeng! Zeng! Twice Around the World Wire Wrapped Bracelet!!!!
Twice Around the World Wire Wrapped Bracelet - 3 color tiger eyes
Now thinking at the back of my head,
Maybe I should get it listed in my Etsy Shop
Before that, anyone interested?
Measurement - approx. 7.3 in (extendable)
Stones - Three Color Tiger Eye (brown, blue and red) - (8mm)
USD$30.00 (inclusive of shipping - international registered)

Twice Around the World Wire Wrapped Bracelet - 3 color tiger eyes


  1. Mei, I purchased this tutorial from you. I am sending it back to you so you can have the pictures again. Hope this helps~!


  2. As you know, I love the bracelet Mei...hope your friend can work miracles for you!!!

    Good to be positive...

  3. this is a gorgeous bracelet! Hope your computer stuff gets resolved soon!

  4. Fabulous and love the name of your new bracelet!
    Yikes about the puter. Never fun.

  5. :D I got the pictures back yesterday. So, all is not lost.
    Now I need to find time to put them together for a more detail step by step tutorial.
    The name was suggested by a someone in one of the forums that I joined.


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