Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Wire Wrap Irregular Shape Stone

This is faster than I thought.
Got this tiger eye pendant done within two hours this afternoon.
Last week, I spent few hours wire wrapping the same piece with another method, which I abandoned when I remembered how Danagonia wrapped her giant nugget bead. Thanks Camilla for the inspiration!
holding the wire wrapped tiger eye pendant
The irregular shape of this tiger eye makes it difficult to wrap with the normal cab wrap.
That's what I did initially and I failed miserably.
Wrapped with 3 different weaving techniques
With 3 wires, I formed the frame, holding the stone in place securely.
Wrapped them with 3 different weaving techniques as you can see from the pictures here.
Wrapped with 3 different weaving techniques
Problem is (but not really a problem actually!), you will end up with a bunch of wires at the top.
A bit tricky to tuck them all in neatly, leaving two for the bail and still make it look good.
Wrapped with 3 different weaving techniques
Overall, I am quite happy with the outcome and I can see a lot of potential in this technique especially for irregularly shaped stones. If you would like to learn how to wire wrap in similar way, check out Camilla's tutorial here.
Have a wonderful and productive weekend dear readers. 


  1. Love this Mei...looks rather complicated to me :0)

    Because I've wire wrapped simple slices before I have some idea of what you've done...still looks complicated though...


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  4. It is not as complicated Heather. I think it is rather easy :)


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