Saturday, June 05, 2010

TAW Wire Wrapped Bracelet by Connie

Connie is so kind to share with me photos of her TAW wire wrapped Bracelet made based on my TAW Bracelet Tutorial. She made two of them but they are still without the clasps. Nevertheless, she did very well for a first try and I am very proud of her :)
Connie told me she would only be able to complete them in two or three weeks time as she will be away.
I can't wait that long :) so I said I will show them off first and will re-post the completed pieces later when she is done with them.
TAW wire wrapped Bracelet by Connie

TAW wire wrapped Bracelet by Connie
This picture is a bit blurry.
Have great weekend all.
If you are interested with the tutorial for the this Bracelet, click on this link below
TAW Wire Wrapped Bracelet Tutorial at Etsy

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  1. Wow...I'm impressed...Connie did a great job!!!
    I'm still thinking about the tutorial... :0)
    Enjoy your weekend Mei!


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