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Blissfully White and Winding, Wire Wrapped Jasper Ring

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

There are many ways to wire wrap a ring and this is one of the methods (Winding Elegance) that got me wondering how on earth it's done?

I don't remember exactly when I purchased this tutorial (roughly more than a year ago) but I do remember being curious about the method. Very stunning indeed and original. Since then, I have seen many similar tutorials (both free and paid) but I just can't seems to find them at the moment (mental note: must bookmark these sites in future).
Here is my take on this method with a bit of modification as my bead has holes and I use all round wire. The stone is Jasper and it turned out ok :)

Psst! While at artjewelrymag.com, check out some of their free tutorials, get inspired and educated :)
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