Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Would You Do? | Fossilized Coral Pendant - Wire Wrapped and Woven

Today I would like to ask a question and I'd love to hear what you have in mind.
Do leave me comment if you have the time.
Here is the question.
What would you do if you discovered that a piece you just completed looks similar (maybe 95% similarities) to someone else's design?
However, you cross your heart and swear to die you have never seen hers/his design before?
Do you....
  • remove all pictures of the piece you have posted? 
  • give credit to the other person? If yes, how do you give credit in this situation as you have never seen his/her creation/design before hand? --- ehm..."thank you for the inspiration but I have never seen your creation before?" --- sounds very fake and insincere right?
  • offer an apology?....for what ya?
  • believe in coincidence and explain how you come up with your design?
  • or accuse the other person for copying (if he/she is accusing you for the same)!
  • or let me know your experience...........
Another question will be coming in the next post.
Meanwhile, here is sharing with you my recently completed wire wrapped fossilized coral pendant.
Fossilized Coral Pendant - Wire Wrapped and Woven
Thank you for your time.


  1. Generally--we don't create in a bubble. It might be the way to explain "trends."

    I don't think it is coincidence either--if coincide infers creation in a bubble. To think ideas can have only one point of origin is a part a patriarchal system that is shedding around us. That system privileges--"the one." If we want water, or oil or to make a dollar we can only do by paying homage and $$$ to "the one."

    Like the internet we are using for distribution of our work and using to share the ideas that are the progenitors of our work a new system is emerging and it is right to ask these questions now because we need to understand how we will engage this system and what meaning it will have in our work and in our lives.

  2. Thank you for sharing what you have in mind.
    Sometimes it does feel like we are in a bubble, that is about to burst :)

  3. Hm... very difficult! As this is not a standard design, but combines several different techniques in a unique way, it can really be called a "design" which is not very often the case! Congrats on your idea, it looks lovely, btw!
    Besides the strange feeling you must have experienced when you noticed the other artist's work: On the practical side, I would share the story (like you have done here already), and keep the piece for myself/gift it to a near friend or family member, to avoid any further trouble that might come up if you list it for sale.
    I sound like a sissy? Maybe you're right. But that's exactly the way I'd deal with this problem. Oh, and next time I'd develop/alter the design som steps further from my/her original design, just to make sure... ;-)

  4. Hm, to be true that never happened to me so far! Shall I say gladly never happened to me? I don't know an answer right now and it is a difficult question.

  5. - Remove all pictures of the piece you have posted? Definitely not!

    - give credit to the other person? What for? You haven't seen the other item before.

    - offer an apology? again, what for?, you havent done anything wrong.

    - believe in coincidence and explain how you come up with your design? if the other designer has created similiar previous jewelry items there might be a tiny winy chance that she would create a simliar item than the one you made (but of course not the same), but how big is that chance? Maybe in your jewelry description you could add how you got the idea, what inspired you, maybe a little story around it....if a buyer sees both items and compares, I am sure, she would choose the one with more background. At least I would.

    - accuse the other person for copying ? don't bother, yours is better anyway

    - let me know your experience, luckily none so far. *g

    ...just my personal opinion

  6. Hi Jutta, I am not referring to this piece actually. Apology if its a bit confusing but I appreciate it very much that you share your thought about this here. I think your way is the easiest way out of this situation and a way to avoid further problem.
    However, I do feel that if it really is our own design, we need to defend it too :)

  7. Hey Kokopelli :) Good that you have yet (and hopefully will never have to) to experience this but if you find yourself in this situation one day (again hopefully will not happen), at least this will give you some ideas <3

  8. Galadryl, I like your opinion/stand on this issue!
    Thank you for sharing. This is views of a very confident person :)

  9. I AM a sissy! when I look at Galadryl's comment... Hats off to her!
    The more I think about it, the more forthcoming gets my (imagined) reaction. I even would go so far and contact the other artist, share my weird experience with her on a more private level, and look if she can smile together with me about this coincidence. Who knows - it could be the start of a wonderful, new jewelry friendship... at least that's how it's been happening to me all the time, whenever I convo someone about anything of mutual interest.
    Of course this scenario would not apply if you two have been having, uh, "issues" of some kind in the past already... ;-)

  10. You are not sissy Jutta!...but diplomatic.
    I would do the same too if I am contacted privately and you are right sometimes great friendship started that way.


I like to hear what you have in mind. Thank you for your time.