Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Last Air Bender

After William and Henry watched The Last Air Bender, and me surfing for pictures/images of the movie, it struck me that I can actually wire wrap something for each of them.
My mistake, I told them too soon.
From then on they kept reminding (pestering) me to make it like NOW!
I gave in and kept myself busy last two nights.
These are the results from.....The Last Wire Bender!..Opps! LOL.
How about that? Mmmm, don't really want to be he last though :)
William likes the Air Bender so this is his (left) while Henry wants the Fire Bender.
The Last Wire Bender - wire wrapped

The Last Wire Bender - wire wrapped

The Last Wire Bender - wire wrapped
I can't get them to pose for pictures with the pendants.
They just want to hold them and show off to their friends.

Me? me want to make myself the Water Bender :)
Have a great weekend all and happy wrapping.


  1. that's very cool. I haven't seen the movie yet... Maybe next week... in 3D of course!

  2. Go! Go! Must be awesome in 3D but the plot, so so nia.

  3. is there a tutorial on how to make these? or are you selling them? or have you just made them for fun and that only??

  4. I made them for fun only, for my two boys :)

  5. that's a shame, they look amazing! but thank you for answering


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