Friday, October 01, 2010

Deadlines, Surfing, Ink, T-shirts and TAW Wire Wrap Bracelet

Seems that my deadlines are never ending. They keep coming one after another. Can be good and can be not so good. There are many things I want to do here that I have been postponing for a long time and it is October already!!! Just 3 more months left for 2010.
I hope I am not boring you with my ranting about this again. Can't help it especially when it is a big part of my life - Deadlines.
Here are some of the things that I have been able to complete and partly completed (pst! besides my official "Work" of course).

ArtFire Group Deal: At least during this busy time, I decided to take up Artfire Group Deal of $5.95/month. I think it is a very good deal and investment :) Hopefully! In the next few months (don't dare to say few days or weeks), I got to set sometime to promote this ArtFire Shop of mine and use some of the tools available.
If you have been sitting on the fence, you still have few hours to consider (hope it is not too late by the time you read this) - follow this link ArtFire $5.95/mth Group Deal is ending today.

Net surfing and reading: Yeah! I do allocate a bit of time for net surfing and read interesting articles/posts from sites that I subscribe to as well as random sites. Life will be very boring especially if it is only about Deadlines :)

Here is one for information and knowledge - very short one, so won't take a lot of your time (I prefer short and straight to point articles. I am sure you do to). I am not into beauty products kind of person but if you are, check out this post from Blisstree- Beauty salon treatments health effects.
Her is How ink is made from Apartmenttherapy - Do you know how ink is made? Interesting.

Talking about ink, this website has all kind of things under one roof. First, I discover funny t-shirts that leads me to Cafepress funny posters.  Now that I have discovered this website, I need more time to explore. Lots of interesting ideas and potential here. For the short time I spent there, I know the site is for both artists and shoppers. You can open your own shop (both free and paid), create then sell your own custom-design products. If you prefer to shop, like me :) check out what you can find at That should help us save some.

Wire Jewelry: Still my favorite subject :) and can't end this post without showing recently completed pieces. Here are 2 Twice Around the World (TAW) Wire Wrap Bracelets. Completed last weekend actually, but only managed to work on the pictures this week.
The darker one is wire wrapped with tri-color tiger eyes while the reddish one with agate.
2 Twice Around the World (TAW) Wire Wrap Bracelets with tri-color tiger eyes and red agate
Both measures about 7 inches long.
Wearing the 2 Twice Around the World (TAW) Wire Wrap Bracelets with tri-color tiger eyes and red agate
Twice Around the World (TAW) Wire Wrap Bracelets with tri-color tiger eyes
This tiger eye one is taken.
The agate one hmmmm....I am still thinking what to do with it.
Close up of the Twice Around the World Wire Wrap Bracelet
Close up of Twice Around the World Wire Wrap Bracelet toggle clasp
So that's about it.
Signing off here and here's:
How to make this TAW Wire Wrap Bracelet
How to make a TAW Wire Wrap matching Ring

Have a great weekend!

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