Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wire Wrapped Flora Pendant - 7 Petals

Its almost Friday, 5 days since my last post. Mmm.....wish I can post more frequently.
The between posts is getting wider and wider.
This picture been sitting on my desktop for the last 4 days and I kept getting distracted although I kept telling myself to post it - everyday.
Tomorrow I'd be away whole day and by weekend I'd be busy with family matter so I am posting it NOW :)
Wire Wrapped Floral Pendant with fiery red glass bead
This wire wrapped flower pendant looks familiar? Yeah, here's my first one. Only, this time around there are 7 petals instead of 5.
Another one similar to this design is the next project.
Hope to finish it this weekend.


  1. Hey Mei how are you...busy I see!

    I loved the first pendant and this one is equally as have such talent!


  2. Hi Heather, yeah busy with work these days.
    But, should be posting another flower pendant later on :)


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