Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paua Shell Earrings and the Eyes

This pair of Paua earrings was completed few weeks back.
Came across these pictures while clearing some files from the laptop.
They are large, about 5cm across but lightweight.
(Paua shell is gift from SIL who came back for holiday recently - thanks Jee Chee)
Hmmm....I have not wire wrap anything since the last two weeks. Now that Chinese New Year is just around the corner, I doubt I'd be able to hold my pliers and wires just yet.
a pair of wire wrapped Paua earrings on wooden table

a pair of wire wrapped Paua earrings hanging on a plant
Besides, William just started his swimming lessons 3 weekends ago. So now, Saturday is full - Taekwando in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. There goes my weekend! Look here...
William in the pool, swimming lesson
William in the pool for his swimming lesson
He was enjoying it in the beginning. After about half an hour he complained his eyes being uncomfortable. Actually they were red. My fault! I didn't get him his goggle. So, off we went in search of his goggle, online and offline. You wouldn't know until you experience them yourself, how time consuming it is to search for their swimming trunk and goggle, etc. etc..well at least here in Kuching....or maybe we got too distracted by these popular sunglasses and these wholesale kids sunglasses. Keep reminding myself that I am not looking for sunglasses for myself :)
Yes, we got William his goggle. He's so happy with them that he wanted to bring them to bed with him..duh!
Still on eyes and eyeglasses, Hubby got his reading glasses last night!
Yeah! he needs them earlier than me...hehe...but I can use them too...which means I am going to need them very very soon :( Not something I am looking forward to though.
Look at this...

 Happy Sunday and take very good care of your eyes.


  1. Great earrings Mei!
    I don't blame William, the chemicals in the water irritate my eyes as well, I never open my eyes underwater! William must think he is cool with his new love that kind of thing!!!

    I'd be lost without my reading glasses...that's what comes with aging... :0)


  2. Oh, he is really happy with the goggles :)
    LOL...guess no one can escape aging.

  3. Hi Mei,

    Looks like your skill in making jewelry has improved a lot. Good to see that you're still into this hobby. :) ooh, swimming is my fav sport, hope William enjoys it too. Well, the first thing I always tell my friends if they want to learn swimming from me is: buy goggles! (See, you should've consulted me first lah, lol)

    Henry isn't into blogging anymore?

    Take care, Happy CNY, and may you have all the best in another new year!

  4. Hi Ms. Shark! Been a while. Where have you been all this while?
    Happy Chinese New Year to you and family too!


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