Monday, April 11, 2011

Pearl Necklace & Studs

For the last few weeks I have been busy with non-wire jewelry related projects that I hardly have time to work on commissioned pieces. Now that I think about it, its more like I've been busy since the beginning of 2011. That's also why this blog have been neglected for long period of time.
Hope to be back more often soon and start creating :)
Anyway, in between that time, I managed to complete a last minute request for a wire wrap pearl necklace and two pairs of earrings.
I jumped several Qs though :)
a wire wrap pearl necklace and two pairs of earrings

These studs here are made based on my own technique, for which a tutorial is available here - Wire Wrap Studs Earrings - Simple Yet Elegant.
wire wrapped stud earrings with pearl and turquoise

This pair is a remake from leftover beads, from a stringed bracelet.
Love those teardrops (Garnet & Amethyst) at the bottom.
wire wrapped dangle earrings with teardrop charms (Garnet & Amethyst)

You may want to check these out:
Studs - no gluing or soldering
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Studs - Variation (with bows) by Louise and Don
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Dangle Variation
The Tutorial


  1. Love the necklace Mei...can't beat a great string of pearls!!!

    I love those earrings...easy to make...the bit of silver dresses them up nicely!
    Your "left over" earrings are great...can be worn with so may colors.
    I understand when you talk about not having time to blog...we can't do everything, even though we want to! :0)

  2. Thanks Heather :)
    I just got to look at my time management again..duh...I am way behind with everything..:)

  3. Wow i like this beaded jewelry.. I'm very much impressed with the necklace... It colorful and thanks for taking time to share such a great collections.. Glad to visit your blog..


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