Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reminder to Self and Friends & a Wire Wrap Green Pendant

There are so many things in my mind the last few days (till now and probably in the next couple of weeks/months maybe....hmmm), but I just got to tackle them one at a time.
Go! go! can do it. Yeah!
Need some self-encouragement here.
OK, first thing first.
Have you heard that Artfire Basic Account, which till now is free will be retired on the 15th August?
After the 15th, all NEW pro seller will have to pay $11.95 monthly.
If you have been considering to open an Artfire shop, just a gentle reminder (I am not getting anything from Artfire for this :D) to please do so before the 15th and you would lock your monthly rate at $9.95.
Remember! Before the 15th of August - click here brings you to Artfire registration page.
Ok, Done my part to help you save $2 every month :)

Now, here is sharing with you an Aventurine pendant with wire weaved bail.
Looks easy but spent hours to get the balance weave.
In the process, wasted some amount of wires.
Adventurine pendant with wire weaved bail

Those round beads are stainless steel beads.
Cute! Look like grapes.

Close up of the wire woven bail of the Adventurine pendant


  1. Your weaving is perfect. The bail looks fab. I am dead jealous here I never get it to look that even. Love the addition of the balls, that extra details.

  2. :) Thanks Galadryl. That little bail required lots of hard work though.

  3. Wow the weaving looks great. I love this!

  4. May I know where I can get stainless steel beads?

  5. Hmm...not really sure. Mine came together with some necklaces I bought. I have never seen them sold individually though.

  6. Gorgeous pendant Mei...the weaving is beautiful!!!



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