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Brass Wire and Sparklies

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So far I mostly work with stainless steel wire, gold filled wire and a little bit of silver and copper wire.
Last weekend I decided to try out the brass wire that I purchased recently.

Erm...I found that it is quite easy to work with.
In fact a bit too soft for me.
I like the color though. They looks like gold, don't you think so?
Just hope that it doesn't tarnish over time.

Here are the results - A pearl bracelet and adjustable wire wrap ring, with tiny pearls.

If you'd like to learn how to make the adjustable ring, 
the tutorial is available at my etsy shop here - Adjustable Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial
Look at the gold like color....

I am going to bored you with this Sparkly Ring again.
Wire wrapped (gold filled wire) a bunch of them last weekend..phew!

If you are interested, the tutorial for this ring is also available at my etsy shop here - Sparkly Crystal Ring
Seems like I am making the same ring all the time.
But, people love them.....
...and I love your visits...


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