Saturday, October 08, 2011

Wire Work How To and Matang Wildlife Centre

How nice to start the day with a message that reads "Congrats! One or more of your items has been featured in a new collection titled: "Wire Work How To", curated by BonniesPlace; Great job!".
If you have the time, do take a peek at some of the talented wire artists listed.
Who knows you'll get hook, like me.
Here is the link - Wire Work How To.
The following pictures are not related to wire jewelry but shots taken during Raya cum Independent day - last 31st August 2011.
A bit late but wire rambles.

We took the boys to Matang Wildlife Centre, about 30 minutes drive from the city.
Orang Utan picture at Matang Wildlife Centre

The Information Board is a bit confusing.
Maybe we got the orientation wrong cause we ended up on the wrong side of the
Information Board at Matang Wildlife Centre

Dear hubby and William way ahead.
It looks bright here but actually its quite dark...the little one got scared and we got left behind a bit.
Jungle trail at Matang Wildlife Center

Catching up and manage to look at the signboard indicating the tree species - Kayu Malam (Night Wood - direct translation :))
Jungle trail at Matang Wildlife Center

Here's the Hornbill - can't see much here as the camera keep focusing on the wire mesh.
Any suggestion on  how to take clear picture of caged animals?
Hornbill in the cage

Here's the crocs...sleeping.
The boys got all excited...but that's about all the wildlife we saw :)
Most cages are empty!
No Orangutans...disappointed!
Crocodiles at Matang Wildlife Center

Here's, the stream.
Clear water but the rocks are mossy and slippery.
There was only one other group of people there so we kind of have the whole place to our self.
I think it's because of the entrance fee - RM10/adult, RM5/child.....expensive? Erm...kind off...considering...rather not say...
Henry happy playing in the river

I don't know why but they don't want to dip or sit in the water  - maybe its the moss...
William squinting his eyes

As usual, I am busy looking at the rocks hoping to find some interesting ones.
Look! Bit of love from this rock I found.
Heart shaped river stone

Snack time! Here's the Lemang!
Glutinous rice cooked in bamboo + coconut milk.
We purchased this on the way to the centre.
Look how much is cooking. He is making lots of them because it's Raya and his Lemang is very popular.
Row of glutinous rice cooked in bamboo + coconut milk

Ready to eat? :) Peeling the bamboo...and...
Glutinous rice cooked in bamboo + coconut milk

Yummy! well....its sticky rice...and its filling...
Yummy, sticky rice

Time to go home, exit...

A bit of fun over the sunroof....
William sticking his head out of the car roof

The sun was setting by the time we hit the highway...

...stopped by our favorite stall for dinner...:)
Dinner time at Chai Heng

Hope your weekend would be fun.
Happy Weekend :)


  1. Congratulations Mei...your tulip tutorial fits right in!!! Your wire work is superb so it doesn't surprise me it was chosen!

    lol...looks like you had a great family outing at the park...thanks for sharing the great photos!

    Great stone...hope you kept it?

    What an interesting way to cook rice...I love rice it is one of my favorite , of course my rice probably isn't like your rice, mine is over processed, I'm sure yours is "fresh"! :~)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. :) I didn't keep the stone.
    Our rice is also processed...we can get unprocessed rice but costlier.
    You have a great weekend too.


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