Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Email that Made my Day

Just sharing an email that I received this morning from Tina.
She is so kind to let me post it here.
Thanks Tina!

Let me tell you, I take my hat off and salute you.  This is a fabulous, artistic, and beautiful tutorial (Tina is referring to the Twice Around the World (TAW) Bracelet Tutorial).  Not to mention that is not hard as long as one follows your very clear instructions and pictures.  It also and leaves room for other projects using the same link.

You are great.  I will be doing it tomorrow because I believe this project deserves to be done in silver and/or gold filled wire. with round gem beads.  At the moment I ran out of the last one.

I love your tutorials and will appreciate if you keep me posted for any new one that may come out. 
My Artfire Studio SALE is still on till the 20th Dec.
25% off all tutorials including this TAW Bracelet Tutorial.


I like to hear what you have in mind. Thank you for your time.