Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Most Important Tool of All in Wire Jewelry is....

...NOT this, thisthis, this, this, this or this!
It is the HAND and fingers.
Obviously, but always taken for granted.
I found this out the very very very very very painful way last Monday.
I slipped and fell on my butt outside the house due to slippery floor after the drizzle.
Hurt my hand while trying to cushion the fall and experienced the most excruciating throbbing pain.
Bum is ok (probably I got fat bum as cushion :) but look at my hand.
As if it is not bad enough, this is my right hand, my working hand.
I'd be out of the wire jewelry action for at least 2 or 3 weeks or maybe a month.
Can't hold the pliers anymore. 
Any pressure on that Mount of Venus will inflict pain...huhuhu...

WireBliss most important tool got injured

Lesson learned:
  • Be extra careful when walking or running on wet floor.
  • Don't rush, walk slowly.
  • Wear slippers/shoes with good rubber sole (mine is botak - bald)
  • Listen to dear hubby! :) don't be stubborn! When he says "don't do" then he may have the premonition...the story - I insisted on making a small rack (carpentry) although he was against it. The fall happened when I went to the back to look for the last piece of aluminium. In the end, hubby finished off the little rack.
  • Anymore safety tips? I you have, feel free to share in the comment.
There you are.
No matter what, Hand is not the only important tool.
The eyes, ears, nose, feet, teeth, etc. are all important.
So, do take care.


  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. You are right, both times, when you say your hand is the most important tool and then yes, eyes, nose, ear and mouth too. But dear friend, our hands are also linked with our brain. It shows our creative mind, our ability to make beautiful things... and I know how important it is for you . I love your wire work.
    Again, my prayers for you... heal soon. Dita.

  2. Ouch. It looks very painful. I hope your hand will recover soon. Best wishes.

  3. Oh goodness, ouch. Hope you heal fast and don't go stir crazy till you get better.

  4. Thanks all for the good wishes.
    Its getting better. Should be back to my pliers and wires earlier than expected :)

  5. Oh sorry to hear this Mei! Your hand looks like it is very sore! We don't realize how important such body parts are until we can't use them.

    Take care my dear friend...hopefully it heals soon!!!


  6. It is not swollen anymore and the "blue black" is almost gone. I am massaging it daily :)

  7. I know how important my old hands are for my wire jewelry making. Without them, I'd be up a creek.

    I don't know what to add safety to prevent falls - but I found a goody for me for places that hurt. It is meant for legs - called G7 Light Legs (I think G7 is the maker). So far, it has helped on anything that hurts on me - back muscles, tendons, legs. Just in case you might find it useful, I thought I'd tell you about it.



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