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Prescription Sunglasses from Firmoo (Review)

Review post!
Yeah! I do write review post :) especially something related to jewelry and beauty accessories.

Today i’m featuring Firmoo eyewear (, an online eyeglasses store. A bit of background why I accepted this offer.
For years (about 3 years give and take) and for the last few months getting more often (like every two days) I have been telling dear hubby and anyone who cares to listen that my eyesight is getting worst and I really need to go get myself a pair of prescription glasses.

Strange or not, someone at Firmoo must have heard me!
It came in the form of an email about 3 weeks ago, offering to send me a FREE pair of high quality and fashionable glasses or sunglasses. Talking about answered prayer.
wirebliss with firmoo sunglasses

Of course nothing is really FREE right? So, here I am writing this review post and later on invite you my dear lovely readers to try out their products for free....Not totally free will need to pay for the shipping! Maybe if you have thicker skin ;) you can request for a totally FREE eyeglasses. I am sure they will be more than willing if you write a review post as well...hehe.

Anyway, as I browse through their website, they offer a vast range of eyeglasses to suit your face, style and preferences. I like the virtual try-on part. You can even use your own photo to try on the eyeglasses to ensure you get the look you want. Cool...
And the average price for their items are very affordable starting from as low as $8 to the highest $70. After all, Firmoo's ultimate goal is "Vision & Fashion the Frugal Way".

My initial plan was to chose a pair of prescription glasses, either bifocals or progressive.
Hubby suggested I should get a prescription sunglasses instead because I complained a lot about blur vision and the sun while driving.
So, I finally choose this - Women's Full Frame Wrap-Around Plastic Sunglasses
Went for eye check-up (thanks Girly!) and send the results to Firmoo and my new prescription sunglasses arrived few days ago. They mailed from China.
Here is the unboxing...
wirebliss with firmoo sunglasses

Here are the content:
  • Prescription Sunglasses - Perfect! The boys were more excited than me. It feels solid in my hand and fits nicely, almost perfectly. It is not heavy, just the way I like it. As soon as I put it on, WOW! everything is so clear (2 meters and further). Tried it on this afternoon and I am very happy and satisfied with this prescription sunglasses.
  • Plastic case - This looks a bit on the "cheap" side. This is the only part I am not impressed with.
  • Soft case, cleaning cloth - These are standard accessories you get from any eye wear shops.
  • Double-sided screw driver cum keychain and replacement screws - these are extras which are hard to find and I really like them.
Now look at this. The boys are more excited and in awe...duh! Look at their mouths.
Henry with firmoo sunglasses

William with firmoo sunglasses

wirebliss with firmoo sunglasses

Finally, here is the part you might be interested in.

Firmoo launched a program offering free eyewear to first-time buyers here -
My experience with them is pleasant, friendly and excellent customer service plus quality products at affordable prices.
Delivery is fast, from their first email till the arrival, 20 days exactly.
Go ahead and read the "How to get your FREE pair?"
Check out other eyeglasses at Firmoo here - Other Firmoo Glasses

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