Monday, September 17, 2012

Wire Jewelry - Earrings, Borneo Ceramic Beads

These are very special one of a kind beads due to its colorful combination.
The handmade nature of the process and the natural individuality of the clay and colors result in variations from bead to bead, expressed in differences of shape, sizes, texture and color.

You wouldn't notice it from the pictures but one of the beads on this wire wrap earrings is actually smaller than the other one. I guess it doesn't matter when the colors compensated for this :)

wire wrapped ethnic bead earrings

This pair of earrings is experimental.
All components are handmade with lots of hammering on the 19g stainless steel wire.
The ear hook was OK as I hammered after shaping them.
The toughest part was twisting the wires that hold the beads.
I can only twist them after hammering the wire ends flat so it was really really tough and hard work.
Almost gave up on that.
Glad I didn't break my pliers.

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  1. Great earrings Mei...I particularly like the beads they are great!!! I've never used stainless steel wire, sounds rather difficult to use.


  2. If you work with stainless steel wire (soft one of course) all the time, you'll get use to it. It is slightly harder than other wires but they are great as you can see in all the jewelry I created here.
    Unless otherwise stated, most (maybe 95%) of my jewelry here are stainless steel wire jewelry :)
    One day maybe you can give it a try and let me know what you think.


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