Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Of Failure, Pearls and Sparklies

Ah...I have been slacking in this posting department for a while now.
Inspiration seems to be taking a back seat for the last few months.
Few days ago I tried something "new", well not really "new" but failed miserably.
It was a request for wire names and I can't seems to get the letters right.
I thought it would be easy but I was wrong. Gave up altogether and feel very disappointed with myself.

Well, Christmas and New Year are just around the corner.
There are still few more pieces to work on and hopefully they all turn out beautiful.

At least these here turn out beautifully :)
Stringed pearl necklace with a wire wrap infinity clasp.
Stringed pearl necklace with wire wrap infinity clasp by WireBliss
 Close up of the infinity clasp.
Close up of wire wrapped pearl infinity clasp

Again, I have made lots of this sparkly wire wrap rings, if you have been following my postings. Probably the most popular and you are getting bored seeing the same rings again hahaha...
Sparkly wire wrap rings with 14k gold filled wire and beads

However, this ring is quite quick and easy to make. As such, it will make great last minute gifts, if you are a very last minute person like me.
Hehe! can't resist doing shameless self promotion here.
I have a step by step pictorial tutorial for this ring at my Etsy shop, click the link here - Sparkly Crystal Ring Tutorial

Close up of sparkly wire wrap rings with 14k gold filled wire and beads


  1. I understand the posting thing...I've had issues myself in the past!

    I love the pearls with the infinity clasp, beautiful Mei!

    I've made a few words with, faith, hope, joy...they worked well! Maybe you should consider trying the wire words first before the names, to get the feel of making the letters.

    I know you can do it Mei...

  2. :) Maybe I should start with short words first e.g joy. Thanks Heather for the suggestion.
    Just that, the request was for some names and they are all long names..haha..too ambitious of me.


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