Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Emily Secret Passions and Other Links

Here are some of the recent happenings and links that I would like to share.
Hope you'd find them informative and useful too.

First thing first.
Emily Secret Passions
The multi-talented Emily just joined the club.

She recently opened her Etsy Store, EmilySecretPassions (Handcrafted Wire Jewelries, Gifts & Tutorials).
She is in the process of getting her shop populated.
At the moment there are several items listed including two wire jewelry tutorials.
Emily is multi-talented because she can do crochet, beading (ah...too strenuous for my eyes), sewing and twist wire into beautiful jewelry.
Not only that, she is a good cook too :)...need to learn from her one day.

Here's a sample of Emily's Crochet Earrings.
Emily's crochet earrings

...and here's one of her wire jewelry tutorials.
Coiled filigree earrings tutorial by Emily
This will be one of my projects this weekend.
I'll share with you the outcome after that.
Emily takes the time and effort to explain in detail each step (with close up pictures) in creating this earrings.
Won't fail, for sure.
You can check out the tutorial Here.

Etsy New Delivery Process for Digital Goods
Etsy finally introduced its new delivery process for digital goods.
This is really good news for me and many many others who sell digital goods at Etsy.
No more manual emailing of each and every tutorials :D
You can read more about it here - Click here

Following this, I have updated my Etsy store to make use of this new delivery process.
Now, when you purchase tutorials from my Etsy store, you don't have to wait for me to email you the tutorials anymore (except for tutorial packages that I still manually ship or mail them out).
After the payment process, you will receive an automatic email notification letting you know the file is ready on the Downloads page.
Just click on the blue link, which will bring you to the download page.
Click Download and save the file in your computer - see pic below.

Oooo...bliss! bliss! :)

Fastener Type Chart
Then, there are all kind of fasteners which I came across at Bolt Depot - Fastener Type Chart.
Now I know what to call my fasteners.

Bird Nest Jewelry
Something I have been wanting to make but always pushed back to the back burner.
Mortira of Inspirational Beading put together an awesome list of Bird Nest Jewelry Tutorials which I think is a very good source of reference.

Made by Joel
Another new site I discovered is Made by Joel.
Lots of art, craft, DIY projects for children.

Ok, that's it for today.
Hope you enjoy the links.

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