Friday, November 29, 2013

The Chasing Hammer

Another addition to my tools collection.
I think this is a Chasing Hammer or is it goldsmith hammer?
Doesn't matter as long as I can use it to hammer the wires and metals.

Hubby found this one fine day at a second hand shop.
A very rare find for us on this side of the world :) So kasian.
Anyway, one fine weekend we set out to work on it and gave it a new body and a little bit of shine.
Actually it was over several weekends and evenings.
WireBliss- Chasing hammer found by hubby
It was all rusty and ugly when hubby brought it home.
The previous owner/s must have use it very productively.
Notice how worn out it is with all the kinks.

WireBliss-Chase hammer working on the handle
Found a piece of nice wood for the handle and we both set out to work on it, taking turns.
Tik tok! Tik Tok! Tok tok tok!.....

WireBliss-Chase hammer working on the handle, rounding up
Tok tok tok! Me, rounding up the handle.
Hardwork involved and not that easy especially to get a well rounded handle.

WireBliss-Chase hammer shining up
Then hubby gave it a bit of shine and this is how it turned out.
Not that shiny but way better than when it was brought home.

WireBliss-Chase hammer shining

WireBliss-Chase hammer done
After all the hard work, smooth and brand new although the flat face is not that flat.

WireBliss- Completed Chasing Hammer
This is the final product, all shiny and smooth.


  1. Looks good, and I envy you the nicer handle- I have a brand-new-ish one, and the face ain't all that flat, either- never did. I think yours is more of a bargain (work and all!) than the one I've got- especially for the work you and the Mister put into it. :)

  2. WOW! You both did a great job, the hammer looks fantastic.

  3. Yeah Heather, its a bargain and satisfying when we got it all done up :)

  4. Thank you Nancy, it looks good but I haven't got the chance to use it yet.


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