Monday, December 16, 2013

Wire Jewelry - Asymmetrical Agate Pendant

This is one of the more difficult piece that I have ever wire wrapped although it looks simple enough.
Mainly because of the lack of symmetry of the Agate as well as the thickness of the stone.
I was thinking "this will be my last asymmetrical pendant (without hole) that I am going to wire wrap...arggghh. I am not taking order for this type of stone anymore!!!"

Wasted a fair bit of wire on this as I restarted at least 3 times at the viking knitting stage as well as the outer wire wrapping stage.

Wire Wrap (Viking Knit) Agate Pendant (orange in color) by WireBliss
What else can I do?
I just hope the new owner likes it as it is.
Wire Wrap (Viking Knit) Agate Pendant side view by WireBliss
See how thick the Agate is at the top end?
Just glad I got it done.
Wire Wrap (Viking Knit) Agate Pendant top view by WireBliss
Looks yummy though :)
Wire Wrap (viking knit) Agate Pendant bottom view by WireBliss

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