Wednesday, June 25, 2014

4 Wire Wrapping Supplies That You Need to Get Started

Have you recently found your passion for wire wrap jewelry?
If you have lot of free time in your hands, try making some wire wrapping jewelry and create some unique one of a kind wire wrapped earrings, bracelets and rings that nobody has.
Before you get started, apart from the wire, the four basic types of pliers that you will need for a start are as follows:
  1. Wire cutter ('A' on the picture below): It is an essential supply for making wire wrap jewelry. This cutter allows you to cut and trim the wire of desired length. Buy the best quality cutter pliers to get neat edges to make professional looking jewelry.
  2. Chain nose ('B'): It is similar to the round nose pliers but here the inner edges of the jaws are flat. Thus, they are used for providing better grip and closing and opening the jump rings. This plier narrows towards the tip that makes them valuable to get into small space, like tuck in the wire end. To get perfection, ensure that the pliers’ inside edges are not serrated or else there will be mark on your wire. 
  3. Flat Nose ('E'): It is useful for bending and straightening the wire. This tool is used for a number of tasks when making earrings, bracelets, and pendants as it helps in holding the wire piece securely.
  4. Round Nose ('F'): For me, they are an absolute must to get control of the wire when you make loops of any size. They are even needed to make the spirals. To get large loops it is suggested to place the wire near the pliers’ handles and for making the smaller loops, place the wire at the pliers’ tip. Buy good quality pliers that have a return spring mechanism in the handle to ease the task as neat loops are an absolute must to make professional looking jewelry.
Wire wrap jewelry essential tools by WireBliss

These four supplies are not all; you also need a good instruction manual, book, magazine, ebook or search online for free tutorials that gives step-by-step instructions to make trendy and unique wire wrapping jewelry. There are many craft supply online stores that have a good collection of supplies to make wire wrap jewelry. But remember to look for coupons at to the things at affordable prices.

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