Sunday, June 08, 2014

One of the Bazaars of Sarawak - Siniawan Bazaar

As usual, I am a bit behind in posting. We stopped by this place known as Siniawan Bazaar last March.
There are many similar Bazaars in Sarawak. Siniawan is an example of the early Sarawak towns where time seems to stand still.

I find it very interesting to explore these Bazaars. Interesting because sometimes, you'd find some very interesting items in the shops which you wouldn't find in the city or other places :).
Unfortunately, most shops were closed when we were there.

Anyway, do enjoy the pics.
Siniawan Bazaar Wooden Shophouses
Made up of two rows of two storeys wooden shophouses.
Siniawan Bazaar Wooden Shophouses
The main street decorated with red lanterns and flowers.
Siniawan Bazaar Homestay
Siniawan Homestay, coffee shop on the groundfloor.
Siniawan Bazaar Vegetable stall
Only few shops were open that day, including this vegetable shop.
Siniawan Bazaar Decorated Five Foot Way
Well kept and decorated five foot way - pretty.
Siniawan Bazaar Vegetable Stall too
Just an interesting nostalgic little wooden shop.
Siniawan Bazaar Sg Sarawak Kanan
Siniawan is located at the bank of Sarawak Kanan River.
On the opposite side is a village.
Pay the boatman to bring you across - there is no bridge.
Siniawan Bazaar as you enter from the main road
Other than that, you can reach Siniawan by road.
Kuching -Bau Road
Kuching - Bau Road
Siniawan Bazaar at Night
Every Friday and Saturday night, Siniawan Night Market would be on.
We were there during the day,
so I only managed to snap picture of the advertisement...hehe
Looking forward to explore more of these bazaars in future.

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