Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Bako National Park, Kuching - Part 2

The highlight of the trip was the Jungle Trekking. We picked Jalan Lintang (Lintang Trail), a 5.8 km trail that took us about 4 hours to complete.

Basically it is a loop trail going up Bukit Tambi, located behind the Park HQ.
It is the best trail to see most of the vegetation types found at Bako NP.
Not forgetting the rare Proboscis Monkeys which is endemic to Borneo.

Lintang Trail
Start of Trekking Lintang Trail - WireBliss
▲The start of Lintang Trail, climbing all the way for about 1 hour plus.
Wooden walkway and steps along the way.
Lintang Trail @ Bako NP - WireBliss
▲We encountered lots of root steps like the above picture and several large rocks.
Lintang Trail @ Bako NP - WireBliss
▲Almost at the summit, the beginning of flatter climb.
The Park HQ is down there somewhere. 
Lintang Trail @ Bako NP - Almost at the summit, the beginning of flatter climb
▲No worry about getting lost.
Signboards, resting place and maps are strategically located along the way.
Lintang Trail Heath Forest @ Bako NP - WireBliss
▲The Heath Forest of Bako National Park. Dry and rocky area.
Lintang Trail Heath Forest @ Bako NP - Heath Forest section
▲Root steps of the Heath Forest.
Lintang Trail Heath Forest @ Bako NP - Heath Forest Section
▲Some sections are sandy and relatively flat. William can't wait to be back at the HQ.
Lintang Trail Mangrove Forest @ Bako NP - WireBliss
▲The mangrove forest. We spotted a group of Proboscis Monkey here.
Lintang Trail Mangrove Forest @ Bako NP - WireBliss
▲Ahhh... so tired!!
Lintang Trail Mangrove Forest @ Bako NP - WireBliss
▲Finally we reached the coast just as the sun was setting.
Bako National Park - Sunset - WireBliss
▲Beautiful view of sunset and dead mangrove trees (eerie ya).

Animals of Bako National Park
There are more but these are the animals and plants that we got to see during the trip.
Bako National Park - Proboscis Monkey - WireBliss
▲The Proboscis Monkeys are endemic to Borneo. 
Mangrove forest is their natural habitat and we were lucky to see some near the jetty.
Sorry no front view of the famous nose. Only the back side.
Bako National Park - Bornean Bearded Pigs - WireBliss
▲The Bornean Bearded Pig is a common sight around the Park HQ as well as Forest Lodges.
Looking for food all the time and not scared of human at all. I think they can be the mascot for Bako NP.
Bako National Park - Monkey
▲During the day, we were to keep all windows and doors closed to keep this monkey away.
In the morning while we were having breakfast, they were all around us, "asking for food".
Suggestion to the Park management - install grill on windows, so windows can be left open to let the fresh forest air in. Otherwise, its very stuffy with all windows closed.
Bako National Park - Beetle - WireBliss
▲The boys found this beetle early the next morning but lost it to a hungry monkey.
Bako National Park - Beetle - WireBliss

Bako National Park - insects - WireBliss
▲Some kind of caterpillar and dragon fly.
 Sea creature of Bako National Park
▲A little purple hermit crab.

Plants of Bako National Park

Bako National Park - Moss - WireBliss
 ▲Moss found at the lower and wetter part of the forest.
Bako National Park - Heath Forest - WireBliss
 ▲Heath forest on top of the hill.
Bako National Park -Mangrove Forest - WireBliss
Bako National Park - Mangrove - WireBliss
▲Mangrove forest...wet and dense...habitat for the Proboscis Monkeys.
Bako National Park - Pitcher Plant - WireBliss
▲Lots of pitcher plants, mostly at the Heath Forest. Some almost as big as the 1L mineral water bottle. Others are tiny and cute.
Bako National Park - Red Cherry - WireBliss
▲Some kind of berry.

Rock Formation
We encountered these rock formation at the top of the hill.
Mostly circular shaped.
Not sure if they are naturally formed or otherwise.
Bako National Park - Rock Formation - WireBliss

Bako National Park - rock formation william - WireBliss
Bye Bako NP.
See you again.....in the next few years.

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