Monday, April 18, 2016

Wire Jewelry - Cat Pendant

Still with cat.
This time around a wire wrapped cat pendant.
Or maybe a key chain.
Did a bit of wire weaving for the tail with copper jewelry wire.
The body is a heart shaped Rose Quartz accented with a 4mm stainless steel spacer beads.

Wire wrapped cat pendant with rose quartz and SS metal bead

Some cats facts:
  • They are the most loving animal (at least to me).
  • They are the best companion (when you are lonely) and manja (no exact English translation for this word, closest is pampered).
  • They always look cool and calm..haha.Some studies found that cat owners are more logical and practical than dog owner...hahaha...there you are dog owners!
  • Cats can improve your health too, especially your heart health.
  • Sad....millions of cats killed for food especially in China, its a delicacy.
  • There was a cat mayor somewhere in Alaska.
  • Cat cafe in Japan and Korea provide you temporary companionship with cats. 
Wire wrapped cat pendant with rose quartz and stainless steel metal bead
More cats on the way.

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