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Wire Jewelry - Tree of Life Pendant

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I said I will post more often.
But, my more often is not that often.

Another long overdue post here.
This Tree of Life Pendant (TOL) and bracelet is for our dearest primary school English teacher - Mona San Louis.

We have not seen her for like more than 30 years!
But she looks great and beautiful as ever.

I didn't attend the reunion but just managed to get this TOL pendant and bracelet on time, to attend on my behalf.

Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant
I don't remember ever making a TOL pendant before, so this is a first.
I used peridot, garnet and tourmaline.
Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant by WireBliss

Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant

Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant
Minlet with peridot to accompany the TOL pendant.
Wire Wrapped Bracelet by WireBliss Peridot
There are many tutorials (fee and paid) to make similar Tree of Life pendant online. Check them out here - https://goo.gl/DkqzlR
This should keep you busy browsing thru them.

Happy weekend.


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