Sunday, June 04, 2017

Wire Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Rose Studs

This pair of rose earrings was made a while back.
Pictures were kept to collect dust...haha!
The pair is however with its new owner now.

Wire wrapped with 20 gauge stainless steel wire, this is not a difficult project and does not involve lots of tools.
All you need is wire, wire cutter, something round to act as mandrel (e.g. marker pen), and file for filling the stud's end.

Close up of stainless steel wire wrapped rose studs earrings

I have a tutorial for similar earrings here - click on the links:

Etsy - Rose Earrings Tutorial

I have it at Artfire as well. However, it is easier at Etsy or Craftsy as the tutorial is instantly downloadable. You do not have to wait for me to email you the tutorial. Artfire does not have this facility.

Close up of view of side and bottom of wire wrapped rose studs

Front view of the wire wrapped rose studs by WireBliss with stainless steel wire

Have a great Sunday.

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