Tuesday, April 13, 2021

First Appeared at WireBliss - Wire Wrapped Bunga Terung

Wire Wrapped Bunga Terung - One of a Kind

Bunga Terung in English is Eggplant (Terung) Flower (Bunga).
This flora motif is popular in traditional Iban tattoos.
As tattoo, the Bunga Terung marks the rite of passage of a boy into manhood.
The spiral at the center represents tali nyawa, literally translated into "life rope" - the rope of life.
This spiral is similar to the underside of a tadpole. 
Therefore, the Bunga Terung with the tali nyawa symbolizes the beginning of a new life - you may read more at Wikipedia.

Here's the prototype of my wire-wrapped Bunga Terung, inspired by the Iban's Bunga Terung.
They don't look exactly like the Bunga Terung symbol in tattoo, but that's where the inspiration came from.
These are wire-wrapped with 20g and 21g stainless steel and brass wires. The pair at the bottom left was hammered flat. 

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