Friday, April 09, 2021

Wire Wrapped Project by William

Wire Wrapped Pipa Center Piece, Swarovski Pendant and Earrings

These are William's recent wire wrapping projects.
They are birthday gifts for a friend.
I notice that he has a liking to natural colored stones.
If not mistaken, the stones are Picture Jasper.
The pipa center piece is for a bracelet.
Wire wrapped with 20g brass wire.
The earrings and pendant used 19g (thick!). 
Guess he wants them sturdy :)

Pipa wrapped with picture jasper (matte) for bracelet resting on a stone
20g brass wire used to wrapped this pipa bracelet center piece

Wire wrapped earrings with picture jasper (matte)
Study "S" shaped earrings with 19g wire and Picture Jasper

Wire wrapped pendant with blue and white Swarovski crystals
Simple pendant with Swarovski Crystal and 19g wire

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