Monday, June 06, 2022

Bracelet Rosary / Pocket Rosaries of Mixed Stones

Pocket Rosaries

Following my previous post, here are the completed wire wrapped pocket rosaries or bracelet rosary completed recently.
They are of mixed gemstones and pearl.
The mini crosses of about 2.5 cm in length are hardened by hammering.

Colorful mixed gemstones bracelet rosary
Bracelet rosary with colorful Agate and wire wrapped cross

Colorful mixed gemstones bracelet rosary - blood stones and amethyst
Bracelet rosary with Blood Stones, Amethyst and wire wrapped cross

Wire wrapped cross
The cross accented with pearl and sandstones

Wire wrapped pearl bracelet rosary
Double chain pearl bracelet rosary with sparkly sandstones

Wire wrapped rose quartz bracelet rosary
The cross wire wrapped with sandstone on this rose quartz bracelet rosary

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