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Friday, August 24, 2007

Most Practical Jewelry Tutorials, Tips and Instructions Sites II

This is the continuation of my previous entry with the same title. As we go along learning and improving ourselves in wire wrapping techniques, I will from time to time publish some of the new sites that i discovered and would like to share with all of you. Today, these are the free projects that I recently discovered. Brows around the sites, you may find more free tutorials: - how to determine the type of wire for your jewelry project. DancingFeatherz - free bracelet tutorial. Hippy Twist - an easy way to wrap your stones. Via Murano -how to wrap straight up. wire-wrapped bead bezel. Braided bracelet BeadStudio - Tree pendant. Happy wrapping and beading.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jewelry Tutorials, Tips and Instructions Sites

This post is updated from time to time to include recent discoveries and links.
Many of the sites/links don't work anymore therefore I strikethrough them.
Last updated: 21 August 2020

With more and more people going into jewelry making (either as a hobby or business), it is getting to the point that there is far more out there than you could ever hope to read and learn on a regular basis. When I first started with this hobby, there are many sites that I visited to learn the basics about wire wrapping. Some of these sites provide free tutorials while others provide both free and paid tutorials. I look for the free one most of the time, therefore the listed sites mostly provide free tutorials and instructions. To help you filter that info glut down to a more manageable level, here is my list of the most practical websites and blogs for wire jewelry tutorials, tips and instructions. Hope this will get you started with this very addictive hobby.

Free Tutorial Websites / Blogs:
  • Wigjig University – This is a very good site for beginners. The site shows you free instructions, techniques and jewelry making projects. It seems the site has changed its address and most of the free instructions are not available anymore. The new web address is - if you would like to check it out. 
  • Remy – Another talented jewelry designer who also offer free and paid tutorial on wire wrapping techniques.
  • Connie Fox – Connie is also a very talented wire worker and instructor. She gives free instructions especially for beginners at her site. Her pieces will give you lots of ideas as well.
  • Beadaroo – Another good site for beginners.
  • Many Roads – This site shows how to wrap a simple pendant.
  • – A simple border wrap pendant.
  • My4jewels – I like this ring tutorial as it is very easy to understand.
  • – this site has lots of information on wire jewelry as well as free projects.
  • Turtlebay jewelry – Made my caged spiral based on this tutorial.
  • Beadstudio – this is where I learn my tree of life.
  • – Learn to make clasp here.
  • – instruction on wrapping a faceted pendant that does away with claws.
  • Bellaonline – She has a list of interesting wire jewelry tutorials and instructions as well as links.
  • MyBeads – I love this site. Easy to follow instructions.
  • Robyn – She has links to various resources on jewelry as well as wire wrapping instructions and tutorials.
  • Allinfoabout – Great site with tones of useful links on jewelry making.
  • Frogsongstudio - Coin Ring Tutorial
  • WiredupBeads (WUB)-  Great for beginners
  • Nancy Wickman - Woven Wire Bangle 3, Woven Wire Bangle 2, Wire Woven Earrings
  • Szarka/Magpie Gemstones - Long list of free jewelry making tutorials available online. 
  • Flight Fancy - Wire Wrap Woven Pendant. There are two parts to this tutorial. Just scroll down to the next/previous post.
  • Marie Cristine Jewelry - Egyptian Coil Tutorial
  • Wonder mind - Ear Cuff Tutorial
  • Beadinggem (Pearl) - Lots of free jewelry making tips and tutorial
  • Michael David Sturlin - In the Loop - Step-by-step instructions for making a crocheted chain
  • Julia Petit - Chain Bracelet decorated with Crochet Work and Lines
  • Art Bead Scene Blog - Garden Gate Clasp
  • StudioDax - Several tutorials here
  • Tela Formosa Designs - Woven Bail 
Journals & Magazines, Forums:
  • Lapidary Journal – They have large database on step by step instructions. Check this one out as well -
  • Creative Wire Jewelry Forum – Registration needed to join this forums of helpful members of all level.
  • forum – another forum that covers wire jewelry.
  • Bead&Button Magazine – You need to register as member to gain access to free tutorials here.
  • BeadStyle Magazine – free instruction on making the loops.
  • – free instructions on various jewelry projects.
  • Art Jewelry Magazine and forum - another site with lots of free projects. Registration is required.
  • Some of the wire jewelry/jewelry forum I am familiar with was mentioned here.
  • Jewelry Artist Magazine - Long list of Step-by Step Jewelry Making Tutorials.
Metal Works/ Metalsmithing
Video clips:
  • Nicole and Kathleen Wright – Video clips showing introduction to Wire Wrap Jewelry.
There you go, that should keep you busy for a while.
If you have or know of other sites/blogs with similar contents, please feel free to leave a comment or provide the links.