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Wire Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Pearl Studs

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Made a couple of these simple wire wrapped studs the other day. All of them are pearl studs of different sizes, shapes and colors.

If you'd like to make them yourself, which would take about 30 minutes or less of your time (for a pair), you can find the tutorial here:
At Etsy, click *here*
At Craftsy, click *here*

Wire wrapped pearl stud earrings by Wirebliss - teardrop shape
The oblong/teardrop shape pearls really look pretty with this wrap.
Wire wrapped blue pearl stud by Wirebliss, modified
A bit of modification to the top of the earring - added a small loop.
Wire wrapped stud earrings by Wirebliss on DIY Earring cards
On the DIY Earring Cards.
Wire wrapped blue pearls stud earrings by Wirebliss

Wire wrapped stud earrings by Wirebliss on earring cards DIY
Another look before going into the box.
Wire wrapped stud earrings by Wirebliss ready to pack and ship
Ready to ship :) - Actually already shipped

DIY Earring Cards

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The idea started long time ago but it didn't materialise until recently. I kind of procrastinated over it and just can't decide on the design. Same as my DIY Light Box previously.

Was thinking if I keep doing this (the procrastinating part - I do this a lot!), it will never going to happen. The other day I got a bunch of order for stud earrings (post about them later) and decided to create this earring cards once and for all. It is not final as I am forever changing the layout and design in my head but good enough for now.

What do you think of my DIY Earring Cards?

DIY Earring Cards by WireBliss
WireBliss logo in front together with websites and email address.
The white patch at the center of the purple card is double sided tape.
You can use stapler as well.
Here is the process involved.
I use Microsoft Word to create my cards as I am most familiar with it - use it everyday!
Alternatively, you can also use Power Point, Excel, Google doc, etc. etc. whichever you are familiar with. 
So, here goes:
  • Create an image/design (jpeg file or any picture file) that you'd like to place at the front of your earring card. If you don't have one, you can leave it blank - which means you can skip this step.
  • Since I have my logo in jpeg, I use that and added my website address below it.
  • In a new Word document, create a table (or insert table). 
  • If you do not know how to create table in Word, google or check it out here - create table 
  • Depending on the card size you want, determine the number of column for the table. 
  • Mine is 5 columns and 4 rows (1 column x 4 rows represent 1 card). The purpose of multiple rows is for ease of adjusting the height.
  • In the table, place the cursor at the spot where you would like to insert the image. Click on insert image, and look for the image you'd like to insert.
  • Make adjustment to the column width and row height till you have your desired earring card size, print it out on a piece of thick paper (100 gm).
  • I make the table borders visible so that I know where to cut and fold later on.
  • Cut the cards along the borders as shown below.
  • Use a needle to make 2 holes on each card and you are done.
Here is how my earring cards looks like + the measurement just to give you the idea - click on the pic to enlarge.
If you have other ways of making earring cards, do share or leave me a comment.
If you have suggestions or questions, do email or leave your comment here too.
DIY Earring Cards by WireBliss

DIY Earring Cards by WireBliss
Side view
That's all for today.

DIY Light Box (Easy)

Saturday, April 05, 2014

I finally decided to make my own light box.

A very simple light box and you only need these three material:
  • A rectangular white plastic storage container which is available at the supermarket. This one cost me RM40.
  • A piece of A2 white paper (thats 8 times the size of A4 paper) folded into half and
  • Sellotape
This is how my light box look like.
DIY Light Box with Plastic Storage Container by WireBliss
It is very easy to set up really.

DIY Light Box with Plastic Storage Container by WireBliss
Side view
DIY Light Box with Plastic Storage Container by WireBliss - taking picture
Tried it out under natural light in the kitchen
DIY Light Box with Plastic Storage Container by WireBliss - sample picture
and here is the result - unedited except added the water mark.
Not bad yeah?
The picture is brighter on the top left compared to the bottom right though.
Will do better next time.
After all the light box is very mobile and light.
Hope you are inspired to make your own light box and have a great weekend :)

Yearly Event - Tomb Sweeping Day

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Its the time of the year again. We celebrate this in early April every year.
This year's Ching Ming Festival or Chingming or Tomb Sweeping Day or Ancestors Day or Cheng Beng falls on the 5th of April. Wow! So many names to it ya.

Anyway, this is the day/time where we visit our ancestors grave sites, sweep, wash, clean, clear (grasses) and offer food, fruits, drinks (tea and wine) and paper money, paper clothing, paper bags, paper shoes, paper jewelries, paper handphone, etc. etc.

Like previous years, we always celebrate it a week earlier to avoid the traffic jam. As usual we came the day before to do the clearing and cleaning. The next day we brought the food and praying materials which will be burnt for the ancestors just before we leave. Here are some pics to give you some ideas of this celebration.

Ching Ming in Kuching - Wirebliss
We left early morning around 7:00 am but still got caught in the jam.
Smoke in the background from burning of joss sticks and paper offerings.
Ching Ming in Kuching and the jam - Wirebliss
Still caught in the jam.
Can't tell the difference between rows of cars and rows of tombs :)
Ching Ming in Kuching, the tomb - Wirebliss
This is our "outing" spot.
Ching Ming in Kuching, food offerings - Wirebliss
Food, fruits, rice, soup, wine, tea, kuih, noodles.
All the favorite of the dear departed. 
Ching Ming in Kuching with the boys - Wirebliss
This year we decided to bring the boys along.
Their first time and its like a picnic.
Ching Ming in Kuching - Wirebliss
Hot hot day!
Ching Ming in Kuching, waiting - Wirebliss
While waiting for the dear departed to finished their meal.
Ching Ming in Kuching, panaromic - Wirebliss
Panoramic view - about half of the cemetery.
Click to enlarge.
Ching Ming in Kuching at Nirvana Memorial Park - Wirebliss
This is at Nirvana Memorial Park, near Bau.
Looks like a park/garden.
Click here for more on Ching Ming.

Religious Parade - Shen Ong Kong (Diety) Birthday Celebration

Sunday, March 23, 2014

We took the boys to the dieties' parade in celebration of the Shen Ong Kong's birthday last night.

It was held downtown Kuching, along Jalan Padungan.
This celebration is held every year.
Since there are not many parade in Kuching, this is an opportunity not to be missed especially for the boys.

The parade was a showcase of decorated colourful floats, dragon and lion dances, beautiful princesses/performers, figures of deities on lorries, on four wheel drives, sedan chairs, etc.

Here are some of the photos to show you a part of our culture :)
Excuse the picture quality - taken with handphone camera.
One of the decorated cars
shen ong kong parade dragon dance - wirebliss
One of the dragons
shen ong kong parade dragon dance - wirebliss

shen ong kong parade lion dance - wirebliss
Lion dance, praying
shen ong kong parade lion dance - wirebliss
Opps! Backsides only
shen ong kong parade lion dance - wirebliss
This lion is performing on top of the truck
shen ong kong parade lion dance - wirebliss
Close up
shen ong kong parade lion dance - wirebliss
Happy lion :)
shen ong kong parade bicycle - wirebliss
Cute tricycle
shen ong kong parade dieties - wirebliss
Diety on truck
shen ong kong parade dancers - wirebliss
Pretty performers and costumes
shen ong kong parade dance performance - wirebliss

shen ong kong parade underworld - wirebliss
From the 'underworld'
shen ong kong parade underworld - wirebliss
From the 'underworld'
Some seems to be under trance and looked very fierce
shen ong kong parade - wirebliss
Devotees and crowd following the parade while we the spectators lined the roadside
Have a great weekend!

Exciting Gifts that Were Work for a Man, but are pH Balanced for a Woman

Thursday, March 20, 2014

There are sections of the department store that you’d generally associate with either men or women, but not necessarily both.  For example, you’d probably only find women with the makeup, unless Halloween is right around the corner or if the David Bowie concert is just a block away. You’d probably also really only to expect men in the sporting goods section. While there are obviously tons of exceptions, we have been conditioned with certain expectations that aren’t necessarily true.

A gilded, sparkling and perfect example of this is a Rolex watch. One generally associates this, the Rolls Royce of all wristwear to be for men, but no, that assumption is very far from the truth indeed. Rolex has a vast and glamorous array of stunning watches for women that will make any fashionista salivate and lust after.
Just as it is with its masculine counterpart, a female inspired Rolex watch is more than just a watch.  It is a piece of art, it is a piece of jewelry. If you don’t believe me, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t, check out the specifics of Rolex at rolex watch repair or rolex watch repair los angeles and see what all the fuss (I’m making) is about. You will be immediately impressed, surprised and inspired to wear one.

Another fun example is a yoga class. Listen, I go to yoga almost every day.  It works. It helps with my posture, it works wonders for my mood, and it positively informs the rest of my day. However, to say that I enjoy it while I’m there is a slight stretch of the truth. While I struggle and sweat gracelessly from one pose to the next, all of the women in there are relaxed and elegant flamingoes, effortlessly and poetically moving their bodies along with the teacher. Women are naturally more flexible and I for one am unnaturally less flexible. I feel like a Homer Simpson among Jessica Simpsons in there, but I wouldn’t trade it.
A great example of a gift idea that seem fine for a man but more suitable to a woman’s tastes is the divine gift of chocolate fondue. Sure fellas will love this; no human in his or her right mind would not. However, there’s a certain almost mythical chemical reaction that takes place when women and chocolate mix. It’s like a massage to her soul, a balm to her cravings, an assurance that today is a good day. We live in an exciting age in the evolution of food, and lately I’ve been seeing a lot of enticing chocolate bars with bits of hot peppers and orange and all manner of creative variations. Men, if you love chocolate like you should, good. But always sacrifice it for the woman you love and you’ll both end up winners.

Wire Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Pearl Studs and Tutorial

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Looks familiar?
Yeah, I' ve made many many many of this studs before.
Check them out here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

On how to make this wire wrapped stud earrings, the tutorial (Direct/Instant Download) is over at my e-shops here:

Wire wrapped pearls studs by WireBliss
You can make this pair of stud earrings in less than 30 minutes :)
Wire wrapped pearls studs by WireBliss
In 30 minutes you have a cute little wire wrapped stud earrings.
(Last minute Valentine gift, maybe)
Wire wrapped pearls studs by WireBliss
This project is for the very beginner in wire jewelry.
You need minimum tools to make this. 

Here are some of the earrings done by others based on my tutorial.
Louise and Don's Version
Wire wrapped studs earrings by Don
Don added a little bow on top.
Linda of CrazedMagpie
Wire wrapped stud earrings by Linda
Linda's version.