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Wire Jewelry - Purple Cat Earrings

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

By now, you must be very bored with my cat earrings postings.
Before I bore you some more, here is a bit about the city I live in - Kuching
Kuching City is in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia.

Kuching is a Malay word for Cat, therefore Kuching City is Cat City, literally translated.
There are many theories as to the origin of the City. You can read them here.
Not all are related to cats though.

You must be thinking that we have many cats roaming the city to be called a Cat City.
Not really, but you can find other types of cat all over the city such as this one here.

Plants shape like cats

These green cats are found at a traffic light junction.
There must be over twenty of them watching over the traffic :)

We also have a muzium dedicated to cats - the Kuching Cat Museum.
Don't expect to find live cats here though.
Check out the above link or just google for Kuching Cat Museum to get an idea.

Enough of Cat City, back to another pair of my wire wrapped cat earrings.
This time around wire wrapped with 20g stainless steel and a purple gemstone.

wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

The Amethyst looks better in the above picture.
Must be the background light.

wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

Come visit the Cat City :)

Wire Jewelry - Still with Cat Earrings

Saturday, April 23, 2016

I am still not done with wire wrapped cat earrings.
Hope I am not booooring you with all the kitties:)

This time around, only the head with tiny body.

If you don't know yet, I work almost exclusively with stainless steel wire.
This is 20 gauge round wire.
They are flattened with lots of hammering.

Cute ya???

Wire wrapped cat earrings by WireBliss

Wire wrapped cat earrings by WireBliss

Wire wrapped cat earrings by WireBliss

Wire wrapped cat earrings by WireBliss

Wire wrapped cat earrings by WireBliss

Wire Jewelry - Cat Pendant

Monday, April 18, 2016

Still with cat.
This time around a wire wrapped cat pendant.
Or maybe a key chain.
Did a bit of wire weaving for the tail with copper jewelry wire.
The body is a heart shaped Rose Quartz accented with a 4mm stainless steel spacer beads.

Wire wrapped cat pendant with rose quartz and SS metal bead

Some cats facts:
  • They are the most loving animal (at least to me).
  • They are the best companion (when you are lonely) and manja (no exact English translation for this word, closest is pampered).
  • They always look cool and calm..haha.Some studies found that cat owners are more logical and practical than dog owner...hahaha...there you are dog owners!
  • Cats can improve your health too, especially your heart health.
  • Sad....millions of cats killed for food especially in China, its a delicacy.
  • There was a cat mayor somewhere in Alaska.
  • Cat cafe in Japan and Korea provide you temporary companionship with cats. 
Wire wrapped cat pendant with rose quartz and SS metal bead
More cats on the way.

Wire Jewelry - Meow! Meow! Studs

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A wire wrapped cat stud earrings made in a whim.
Not difficult to wire wrap these little kitties.
Lots of hammering to harden the body and head though.

Inspiration from my dear old cats from a long long time ago, our neighbor's cats as well as the many inspirations from the world wide web.

If dogs are man's best friend...then
Cats are woman's best friend!!

wire wrapped cat earrings by WireBliss

wire wrapped cat earrings by WireBliss

Check out some of my free wire jewelry tutorials here - Wire jewelry tutorials at WireBliss Craftsy

Wire Wrapped Donut Pendant Tutorial is now Free

Monday, March 21, 2016

Wire Wrapped Donut Pendant Tutorial is retired from my Etsy and Artfire shops.
One of my oldest tutorials.

It’s now available for download (FREE) at my Craftsy Shop, only.
It’s not available at Etsy as there will be relisting fee involves.
Artfire does not have instant download service, so it is not there too.

Only at Crafsy.
To download, click on this link below and it will lead you directly to the tutorial.

Free Wire Wrapped Donut Pendant

Wire Wrapped Donut Pendant Tutorial at WireBliss Craftsy

I hope you'd enjoy this project.
Happy wire wrapping and let me know how it goes.
Leave some pics in Craftsy if you don't mind.

Wire Wrapped Flora Earrings

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where have all the days gone?
Just blink and almost end of 2nd week of March.

Been wanting to post this earrings since the last post.
Remember the post about my failure.
That was last month but feels like it was only yesterday.

OK, this is the outcome of that many tries.
Not very satisfied but not so badlah.

Wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss 2016

Wire is 20g and hammered hard.
Wrapped each side of the earrings with different type of gemstone beads.
One side is wire wrapped with Lapis Lazuli.

Wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss 2016
The other with 4mm frosted Amazonite.

Close up pic is not close enough but that is the closest I could get with my hand-phone camera.
My "camera" is about to die of old age.
Time to look/get a new camera - *sigh* but the one I am drolling at is just so damn expensive *sigh*.

Wire wrapped flora earrings by WireBliss

Then there is the 4mm stainless steel spacer beads.

Someone commented that the style of the earrings look "oldish" i.e. suit older woman.
I do not agree but that is her honest opinion and no offence because i trust her 200%.

Right now I am thinking about retiring 1 or 2 of my tutorials at Craftsy, Etsy and Artfire
Wait for the announcement.

Till then have a great week and happy creating.

First Fail of 2016 - Lack of Inspiration and Warming Up

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

After few months away from my pliers, wires and stones, and finally finding a temporary "corner" as my work station, look at what I have been making.

First wire jewelry of the year of 2016 and this is what I came up with after several attempts.
Total failure! Thought it was easy to pick up where I left, but actually not as easy as in my mind.

All the failed attempts

Supposed to be a flora earrings.
*Sigh*..... dunno what I was doing.
Bend left and right still didn't get it them right.
I have it in my mind but somehow the fingers and bending was not working as it should be.

All the failed attempts

At some point, I think it is the wire size....ermmmm.
The gemstone beads maybe.

All the failed attempts

Arrrrrgh! Grrrrrrrr! Geramnya!

All the failed attempts

These 3 tries abandoned for another day.
Those frosted colored gemstones are 4mm frosted amazonite while the dark blue colored are Lapiz Lazuli.