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Wire Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Rose Studs

Sunday, June 04, 2017

This pair of rose earrings was made a while back.
Pictures were kept to collect dust...haha!
The pair is however with its new owner now.

Wire wrapped with 20 gauge stainless steel wire, this is not a difficult project and does not involve lots of tools.
All you need is wire, wire cutter, something round to act as mandrel (e.g. marker pen), and file for filling the stud's end.

Wire wrapped rose studs by WireBliss with stainless steel wire

I have a tutorial for similar earrings here - click on the links:

Etsy - Rose Earrings Tutorial
Craftsy - Rose Earrings Tutorial

I have it at Artfire as well. However, it is easier at Etsy or Craftsy as the tutorial is instantly downloadable. You do not have to wait for me to email you the tutorial. Artfire does not have this facility.

Wire wrapped rose studs by WireBliss with stainless steel wire

Wire wrapped rose studs by WireBliss with stainless steel wire

Have a great Sunday.

Offwire - Potato Roses

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Today's post is about food.

Ya, I rarely post about food.
However, I must post this because it is one of the easiest to prepare and the boys love them.
So, here is my potato roses.
Potato roses by WireBliss
There are many recipes available online if you google for it.
This one here is from my Pinterest collection - Potato Roses at Pinterest
Potato roses by WireBliss

Potato roses by WireBliss
This one here was back in December last year.
They love having them with creamed corn.
Potata Rose by WireBliss

If potato roses isn't your thing, you can always check out my other roses' related thingy - wire jewelry tutorials:

Have a Rosy Sunday.

Wire Jewelry - Tree of Life Pendant

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I said I will post more often.
But, my more often is not that often.

Another long overdue post here.
This Tree of Life Pendant (TOL) and bracelet is for our dearest primary school English teacher - Mona San Louis.

We have not seen her for like more than 30 years!
But she looks great and beautiful as ever.

I didn't attend the reunion but just managed to get this TOL pendant and bracelet on time, to attend on my behalf.

Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant
I don't remember ever making a TOL pendant before, so this is a first.
I used peridot, garnet and tourmaline.
Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant by WireBliss

Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant

Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant
Minlet with peridot to accompany the TOL pendant.
Wire Wrapped Bracelet by WireBliss Peridot
There are many tutorials (fee and paid) to make similar Tree of Life pendant online. Check them out here - https://goo.gl/DkqzlR
This should keep you busy browsing thru them.

Happy weekend.

Learn more about the art of Wire Jewelry

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Wire jewelry has become a trending thing in the modern world due to its uniqueness and one of a kind. Just as the name suggests, it is jewelry that is made of wire which could be steel, copper, silver, gold, brass, etc.

Wire jewelry has been there since time in memorial and it is believed the Egyptians were the first to start this trend around 5000 BC. The trend soon moved to other continents where wire jewelry was used as trading items due to its high value. The trend was however replaced by more valuable jewelry which almost wiped it off. However, it has become popular again and has been very widely accepted and the demand is high.

Charles Tyrwhitt offers more information and gives great discounts and offers.

One of the reasons that this trend is becoming popular is because the material used is very easy to find. Wire is easily available and the tinsel and ornaments can also be found easily. There are so many ideas that you can apply here to be creative. Beads, crystals and precious stones are some of the items that you can use.

The price is also very affordable and economical compared to other jewelry. This is because, as mentioned above, the cost of production is low and hence the selling price. But then again, the price will depend on a number of other factors such as the design, materials used, complexity and so on. These are also very unique, original and unbeatable.

They are normally made out of pure creativity, imagination and the uniqueness is just on its own level. People who understand and value art form the majority of wire jewelry clients. They appreciate the craft, time and energy that goes into this work.

Charles Tyrwhitt sheds more light on this topic and offers great discounts and offers.

Wire Jewelry - Infinity Bracelet

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Time really flies.
It's been 4 months since my last post.
Many things took place in between but I am not going into details in this post. Maybe some other time.

OK, today's post is about this gemstone Infinity Bracelet.
Actually this bracelet was completed back in July.
Yeah, took me that long to post.

Do excuse the photo quality- its handphone quality pics.
As mentioned before, my camera went "kong" many months already.
Been looking around for a new camera but yet to get a new one.

Infinity Bracelet by WireBliss

Still with the purple and blue stones - Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and Amazonite.

Infinity Bracelet by WireBliss

This infinity bracelet is not difficult to make.
You only need a piece of wire - size 20g, 21g or 22g - and the gemstones.
Doesn't take that long too.
Infinity Bracelet by WireBliss

Infinity Bracelet by WireBliss

Infinity Bracelet Tutorial at Etsy
Infinity Bracelet Tutorial at Craftsy

Wire Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Turquoise Studs

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hello, long time no see!
July is already coming to an end.
Half of 2016 is gone and it really feels like we are rushing to December.

Hopefully, the next half year would be more productive for you and me.

Meanwhile, here are 3 pairs of studs that I actually get done a while back.
See you soon.

wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss

wire jewelry by WireBliss

Wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss

Wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss

Wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss

Wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss

Wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss

Wire Jewelry - Purple Cat Earrings

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

By now, you must be very bored with my cat earrings postings.
Before I bore you some more, here is a bit about the city I live in - Kuching
Kuching City is in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia.

Kuching is a Malay word for Cat, therefore Kuching City is Cat City, literally translated.
There are many theories as to the origin of the City. You can read them here.
Not all are related to cats though.

You must be thinking that we have many cats roaming the city to be called a Cat City.
Not really, but you can find other types of cat all over the city such as this one here.

Plants shape like cats

These green cats are found at a traffic light junction.
There must be over twenty of them watching over the traffic :)

We also have a muzium dedicated to cats - the Kuching Cat Museum.
Don't expect to find live cats here though.
Check out the above link or just google for Kuching Cat Museum to get an idea.

Enough of Cat City, back to another pair of my wire wrapped cat earrings.
This time around wire wrapped with 20g stainless steel and a purple gemstone.

wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

The Amethyst looks better in the above picture.
Must be the background light.

wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

Come visit the Cat City :)