Sunday, February 25, 2007

Agate Set

long wire wrap necklace with colorful agatelong wire wrap necklace with colorful agatewire wrap bracelet with colorful agatewire wrap earrings with agate This colorful agate set is made for a friend's mom. The necklace is 20in in length while the bracelet is about 7.5 in. The beads are about 6mm.


  1. Hi!
    I'm a fellow beader and new blogger, and I was wondering how you get your pictures to look so nice. Mine always come out blurry and don't do my pieces justice. I haven't posted any because I'm embarrassed how bad they look.

    --Nan Whetstone,

  2. I set my camera to Macro or Digital Macro for close-up picture taking. Don't use auto, not suitable for close-up.
    When set to Macro, u will need to select the "tulip", also for close-up. Enough lighting is also necessary. I prefer not to use flash.

  3. I like Your style, I found many good ideas from your blog!
    Thank You! and waiting for new contents!

  4. Thanks Karnaaks, glad u like them. Be posting soon. See u around.


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