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This Weekend-Serikin (Border Town)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

This weekend we were off to some places again. Yesterday, we headed for the border town of Serikin (near the Sarawak/Indonesia border), about an hour drive from Kuching, in the District of Bau. Its a small town with two rows of shophouses but probably more than a hundred stalls set up by Indonesian traders, selling stuff from the other side of the border - mostly clothing, households items, dried seafood, antiques, rattan mats, gemstones (yes! but in very small quantity), vegetables and fruits.

And i got myself something from the antique stall above - an old coin of Sarawak (1894). Not sure if its genuine or not but for the price i am paying, got it just for the sake of keeping it.

My most interesting buy are the marble beads bracelets and agate.

Along the way, we stopped by a tw
o-row wooden stalls (set up by local Bidayuhs) selling jungle vegetables and fruits, some wild orchids and other wild plants

Last but not least, an interesting article on Kuching City is in today's paper - click here for the article.


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