Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tooth Pendant Anyone?

Tooth PendantTooth PendantIt is quite common to come across someone we know or maybe our family members who wear pendant or adornment consisting of animal parts. Actually i myself own a bear tooth (genuine or not I don't know as i got it from a vendor fm China). It's quite popular in this part of the world as it is believe to provide protection to the wearer. Well, in this post i am showing you a tooth pendant. It is quite large - about 7 cm in length. So, you can imagine how much protection it will provide to the owner!! Origin or the animal type - unknown to me. This tooth belongs to a friend (can't reveal his name or else he will be prosecuted). I helped him with the wire wrap bail. The chain is from Serikin (Made in Indonesia - he!he!).

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