Sunday, September 09, 2007

Malaysia Craft Promotion...cont.

Last night's migraine was really bad. Made me feel week one moment and nauseous the next. The pain was right on top of the head. Just got to live with it I guess. It visits me at least once every month, sometimes twice....must be the hormone acting up. Getting old already! Luckily it was gone this morning. Today is another unproductive day in terms of wire jewelry making. Morning was spent doing marketing at the 3rd Mile Bazaar (wet market), then I went off to the Sunday Market for some magazines....again I bluffed the boys that I am going to work...on a Sunday!!! Late morning we all went container hunting. Containers for my beads and stones of course. My stones and beads are all over the place that sometimes I found it difficult to concentrate on my addiction. So this afternoon, I spent about three hours sorting them out and keep them in proper storage containers. That done, hopefully I can come up with more wire jewelry soon....... Continuing from last night's entry, here are some more pictures taken at the Malaysia Craft Promotion last yesterday.
Visitors to the Craft Promotion venueVisitors to the Craft Promotion venue
A wood carver busy at workA wood carver busy at work Intricate embroidery by the Kelabits of SarawakIntricate embroidery by the Kelabits of Sarawak Coconut shell necklaces and pendantsCoconut shell necklaces and pendants
Coconut shell earringsCoconut shell earringsWeave Basket at Malaysia Craft PromotionBaskets...baskets and more baskets...

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