Saturday, September 08, 2007

Malaysia Craft Promotion

Normally weekends are reserve for my addiction - wire jewelry - but today I didn't manage to make any new piece. I only managed to restring two of my mom in-law's bracelets and one of her friend's. However, the highlight of the day was my visit to the Malaysia Craft Promotion at the Waterfront, Kuching, this morning. Hubby was out fishing since last night and I bluffed the boys that mommy is going to work (on a weekend!...hehe!). So off I went and I spent more than two hours there.....alone....without the normal "mommy, i want this! mommy buy this!....". Malaysia Craft Promotion at the Waterfront I didn't count, but I think there are about 20 stalls displaying and selling jewelry. Mostly are bead works and stringed pieces. None on wire jewelry though. Malaysia Craft Promotion at the Waterfrontintricate beadwork of Sarawak beaded necklaceshandmade beadLunbawang clay beads Nevertheless, I still managed to buy some native Lun Bawang clay beads. The Lunbawangs is one of the ethnic groups of Sarawak, mostly found at the northern region of Sarawak - Lawas & Limbang Division. By car, it will be more than 15 hrs drive from Kuching, not taking into consideration the time taken to check through four immigration checkpoints in Brunei as well as on the Sarawak sides - I am not going into the details here though!. These are the clay beads that I purchased today. More pictures in my next entry as I my migraine is coming to visit again and I can't concentrate anymore. handmade clay beads


  1. Excellent Mei..
    Wish you luck in your online business..Have a nice day. =)

  2. Thank you nafasg but i have not started selling my wire jewelry online yet.
    Have a nice day too. :)


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