Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wire Embroidery

Read an interview with Melanie Schow today and I must admit this is the first time I heard or read the term Wire Embroidery. Maybe I have came across it somewhere before but it didn't have that impact until I saw Melanie's works as shown here. (Pst! I hope she does not mind me showing some of her works here). Visiting her website, Solamente, I was so captivated by her wire work and wire wrapped pieces. They are just awesome. I think I am getting hook into something new here. I hope she doesn't mind me posting some of her works here. Just want to show how beautiful and intricate her pretties are and how I wish I can attend one of her classes or make pieces as pretty as these.


  1. Wow... that's some nice pretties :) My favourite is probably the green one in the bottom, with the butterfly. :) If you ever make something like that I book one from you ah? :)

  2. Wow! Your eyes very "leehai" Bell. If I can make something like that, of course I will make one for you but.....we'll see....I am not sure if I can make something like that or not!


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