Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Princesses Left

The princesses left for Singapore about two hours ago. They should be in the safe hands of their parents by now. The parents left for Singapore early this morning. These two girls are really brave to be travelling by themselves at this young age. Here are some pictures taken of them with the cousin brothers and grandma. Grandma with the grandchildren princess Victoriaprincess ElizabethThe cousins These earrings, pendants and bracelet are pieces of the wire wrap jewelry that I made for them but didn't manage to take photos of yesterday. wire wrapped dangle earringswire wrapped dangle earringswire wrapped rose quartz pendantwire wrapped rose colored glass pendant


  1. Wow those 2 really have grown so much since I last saw them... probably at my wedding. Lovely pieces you made for them, I hope they liked it! ^_^

  2. Yes, they have grown up so much. Very "Ai Sui" liau :). They really liked the charmed bracelets I made them as I made them according to their favorite colors.

  3. Dear Mei,

    I stumbled across your blog while hunting for wirework related things online - your work is so lovely! I'm just starting to get into wire work and wire wrapping, been beading more, though now my obsession is chainmaille. It's great finding another Malaysian wirework artist! Will visit a lot more; so much inspiration from just looking at all the pretty pictures.


  4. Thanks Shuku. I have left a comment on your blog. Nice paintings/drawings there.


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