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Monday, January 18, 2021

CMCO is Back in Force till end of January 2021

Ceramic Beads Bracelet

Completed this bracelet yesterday.
Simple wire wrapped bracelet with 6 mm ceramic beads.

Wire wrapped ceramic beads bracelet on my hand

Wire wrapped ceramic beads bracelet close up

Wire wrapped ceramic beads bracelet

Baking an AI Cake

I admit that I am not good with baking or cooking but sometimes just feel like trying out some easy recipes that I stumble upon online.
Today, however, my 2 boys decided to bake me this AI made cake recipe by Google. It is a Cake-Cookie hybrid
First and foremost, it is an easy recipe....and the result is not disappointing although sunken at the center. 
Just as described "It has the crispiness of a cookie and the, well, “cakiness” of a cake.".
We agreed that it is a bit too sweet. 
So, next Cakie must remember to reduce the sugar. 
Yeah, there will be a next Cakie.

Any pointer on how to avoid the cake from sinking?

A slice of cakie

Half cut cakie on the plate

Cakie just out of the oven

The source of the recipe is from here - Cakie by Google 

Enjoy, stay safe and stay healthy. 

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Wire Cactus by William

Wire Wrapped Cactus by William

William wire wrapped this using 19g wire for the cactus frame and a small Amethyst as the "root".
wire wrapped cactus on post it paper

wire wrapped cactus on post it paper

wire wrapped cactus on the bag
He uses it as a decorative item for his school bag.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Wire Wrapped Pipa Earrings by William

Wire Wrapped Pipa Earrings by William

This wire wrapped dangle earrings with Pearl and Amethyst is created by William for his English teacher as a retirement gift last September.

The dangling piece with Amethyst is the Pipa Knot, first introduced by Corra. This knot is very versatile and you can create variations based on your creativity. I used them for bracelets, pendants, clasps and earrings. See some of the variations that I made here - Pipa knot used in various pieces

Wire wrapped Pipa earrings with pearl and amethyst lying on wood surface

Progress of work of the wire wrapped Pipa earrings with pearl and amethyst
▲ Steps in assembling the earring components
William working on his wire wrapped earring
▲The creator (¯`◕‿◕´¯)William(¯`◕‿◕´¯)

Monday, September 08, 2014

Mid Autumn Festival - Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival

Don't know what happened to the earlier pics, so I am reupload them again - 16 Nov 14 many names for a festival.
As in previous years, we lighted several lanterns as part of the Mid Autumn Festival celebration.
For those of you who would like to know more about this festival, here is an article on the 3,500 year old tradition - click on this link 3,500 year tradition of the Mid Autumn Festival.

Here's the paper lantern we lighted and released this evening.

Lighting the Mid Autumn Lantern 2014

Lighting the Mid Autumn Lantern 2014

Releasing the Mid Autum Lantern

Lantern floating further up

Lantern floating up further and further

Lantern floating higher up

▼ Henry with his traditional paper lantern...recycled from last year.
Henry with is Mid Autum Lantern

Wishing all my readers and visitors a very Happy Mooncake Festival ♡シ

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Boy and his Sketches

Henry celebrated his 6th birthday 4 days ago. How time flies....
It was his happiest day because he got his birthday cake with Ben 10 theme (he's been thinking about this cake for the last few months), he got some presents for his kindy friends and got a huge red heart drawing in return, he got his favorite beach ball, he got to eat at one of his favorite places, he got his Ben 10 comic book and two more story books.
Glad he decided to have books instead of toys.
Here is the birthday boy and his brother :)
Henry with his 6th birthday cake

William and Henry

Henry and William love to sketch and draw.
Guess all kids are the same. Now, I am going to bring a bit of smile to your face with his sketches of the family .......
Henry sketches of family
From left to right, that's me with my favorite green blouse (that's according to him... ermm maybe I wear it too often), followed by the daddy, William and himself the smallest with his favorite color, blue.
Henry sketches of the mumSketch of Henry himself
That is me again on the left and him on the right. He missed out his nose.
Notice my necklace and pendant? Very nice, so sweet of him.
Then, I asked him to draw a close up of me...curious on how I look like in his eyes................
Henry sketch of mummy
Tada!!!! How about that? Can't help but LOL....I gave him an A+++ for this.
But why is it my eyes always looking downward?
Maybe I am busy with wirework all the time...LOL...
Anyway, I love that all his sketches of us are with smiling faces.
Self portrait of himself/Henry
Finally, a self-portrait of :)
So, what do you think of this sketches?
I think they are very cute...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Moonstone Prong Ring my Father Made Me

My father is a welder so he works with metal a lot.
He also makes his own jewelry but almost exclusively ring.
Not sure why I didn't catch the jewelry making bug from him back then but he made quite a number of them.
Maybe because he works with stainless steel block and not wire.
As far as I remember, he never sold any of his handmade rings.
He does take his own sweet time in making them though - few months to finish a piece! including my ring here which I collected when we went for our vacation two weeks ago.

This ring (Moonstone) is a special request from me.
He said it's not that well done but I am very happy with it because with this ring I feel a different kind of connection with him...we actually share the same interest..and I am sure I inherited this talent/skill from him...:)
Handmade moonstone prong ring

close up of handmade moonstone prong ring

close up (bottom) of handmade moonstone prong ring
No soldering. The prongs or claws are cut from the same piece that form the ring.
close up of handmade moonstone prong ring around my finger
Now, it stays on my finger! <3

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Here and There

We were out and about for the last two weeks. First mom, sis, nieces and nephew came visiting for about a week.
Henry (right) and Brian (cousins) really adore each other :) Can't bear to let Brian go home.
Henry and Brian hugging at the airport

 Henry and Brian hugging at the airport
Earlier, they were at the crocodile farm - more pictures here. It was really hot and humid so we didn't really stay that long and the boys were restless almost immediately wanting to go to the next stop.the boys looking at the crocodiles at Jung Crocodile Farm
Pink face due to the heat.
Notice William's new teeth. Hope they are not "wai wai" one.
William at the Jung Crocodile Farm
Then, last weekend, me and hubby went looking for fresh fish...
No! not on this boat...Am just playing around with the camera..
blue boat in the river
 Stop by the jetty at Kpg. Rambungan and have a 'long walk' right to the end of the jetty.
Several people were fishing there and one of them caught a kilo+ fish.
 Long jetty at Kpg. Rambungan
  There were lots of fish at Kampung Sempadi but not our type of fish...catfish...yikes!
lots of fish at Kampung Sempadi, in the freezer
Still at Kampung Sempadi, we met an old man busy building this long boat.
Talked to him for a few minutes...hmm...hubby likes to talk to strangers who turned out to be his friend's uncle...small world...
Kampung Sempadi, we met an old man busy building this long boat

Then, its home sweet home without fresh fish.
mountain at a distance

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wet! Wet! Chinese New Year

Today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year (CNY). The rain didn’t stop and it is still raining this morning. The sun only managed to show itself once or twice since the first day of CNY.

The last few days was spent indoors, visited few relatives and friends as well as the temples. Today, we would like to visit some more but we are still waiting for the rain to stop. Here are some pix taken the last few days.

Fish maw soup meat roll
Fish maw soup getting ready for praying
Lion Dance 1 Lion Dance 2
Lion Dance 3 Kueh mueh for CNY

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happiness is........

.....when the boys are happy and I am with them...yes simply that! William and Henry visited MV DoulusYesterday I took William and Henry to MV Doulus. Doulus is stopping over in Kuching till 3rd Jan 2009. Been here since 10th Dec. The last time I was on it was more than 5 years ago when William was still in my" womb" :). They have never been on a "big" ship before so this is such a special occasion for them.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Want to Know How to Catch Crabs?

We used to do this a lot before the boys came along. I think it's earlier than that....about 10 years ago. Hubby and I love to go out fishing, prawn fishing or catch crabs. Then we got busy, then came the first baby then the second and now they are little boys and we are even busier. And of course, in between that I got addicted to wire jewelry....hehehe... Anyway, today hubby decided to go catch crabs and asked me to tag along. So, we did just that (took the older boy along - William). First we went to purchase six crab traps and a stingray head for baiting. Here are pictures showing the whole process.... hooking the shark meat bait in the crab trapseveral crab traps behind the cardropping the crab trap into the waterwaychecking on the crab trapa crab trapped in the trap two crabs trapped in the trap crab catches of the day the cooked crab