Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Food and Fireworks

CNY 2008 DinnerCNY 2008 FireworksNo wire jewelry post today because its Chinese New Year Eve! Yeh...celebration time. If you ever wonder what we people eat during reunion dinner, oh well at least in our family, here are photos of some of the dishes we had earlier this evening. Big prawns are a must, fish and steamboat are also a must. The chicken curry and meat rolls are suppose to be in as well but we didn't serve it. Too much to go around. Steamboat is my personal favorite ...actually I don't care about the other dishes when the steamboat is in the menu...hehehe!. Everything is in the steamboat - prawns, crab balls, prawn balls, egg rolls, chicken meatballs, quail eggs, etc. etc. but most important of all is the fish maw. Yucky! Oh no! They are the best, my favorite and they cost a bomb. Depending on the type of fish, price ranges from RM300/kilo to few thousand per kilo. So, we have them only for special occasions. Once again, Happy Chinese New Year to all.


  1. Wow! What an extravagant dinner! Mine was simple... only steam boat and even that was a very simple one... no egg rolls or prawns or crab meat unfortunately... but how could I possibly skip the fish maw!!! Poor as we are, I can't leave out that one precious item! Haha! Hope you guys had a good one!

  2. Happy New Year - your feast looked delicious! I've been enjoying your jewellery blog for a few weeks now - thank you for your inspiring ideas, they've really helped me improve. Blessings to you for the year ahead. Cheryl (UK)

  3. Yes they were delicious..:). Still having them today (yea, left over). Thanks for visiting and glad that am of a little help. Keep wrapping!

  4. All seems delicious! Wish you the best for this new year.
    Love your work and the different things of your life you share with us. Thank you.
    My brother is back from Kuala Lumpur and he is very happy of his journey in your country.

  5. Thank you for stopping by pat. I am glad your brother spent happy times in our country.
    I visited your blog and your pieces are awesome. I love that bead ball consisting of turquoise - collier de liliad. Dunno what it means but its beautiful.


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