Friday, February 08, 2008

Still no Wire Jewelry but CNY Pix

We are into the third day of the Chinese New Year and its a wet! wet! new year this year. Yesterday was not bad, no rain but it rained the whole day today although not very heavy. They call it "long life rain" - rain that last whole day and night or maybe days. As with previous years, the 2nd day is temple visiting day (for prayer) and relatives and friends visiting day. We visited three temples and a relative today. Ya! You may say only one relative?? Oh well! as what mom-in law says, not many relatives in Kuching anymore as they are all scattered all over the world. Enjoy the pix then! I better get back to my addiction *smile*, wire jewelry tomorrow else the holidays will be over soon.....*sigh*. Chinese new year lion dance 2008Chinese new year 2008


  1. Mei, I'd love to exchange some of your rain for our sunshine! It's been so, so so SO hot...and as a result we can't eat a lot.

    The food looks so good in the last post! We had something very simple this year though our reunion dinner was really too much for so few people. We didn't get very many visitors either but a quiet new year is a nice change for us...

    Gong xi gong xi! Looking forward to more addiction pictures soon!


  2. Exchanging would be lovely. Its been raining again today but not as heavy or long as yesterday.
    We finished all the food except for some cookies. Back to normal cooking again this evening.

  3. It is still hot, hot, hot here, this afternoon was dreadful. We just had rendang and 'choy keuk' today for dinner, we couldn't eat anything!

    And thank you re: the hammering station - it's actually the floor of my room and an old mousepad. My mother swears she can hear me hammer away miles off...I don't know how I'm going to do that when I go back to my apartment in KL though.



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